What do these numbers have in common?

fWhat do these numbers have in common?


I have looked at a lot of strange things in local. None more so than the listing for Thrasher Basement Systems in Omaha that was “having trouble” with their Google listing.  As reported by Yext, each of the above 13 phone numbers is associated with Thrasher’s single location. This business clearly functions under the dictum, if one is good, lots must be better.

Clearly, they are a fan of very, very, very, very granular call tracking detail. Although perhaps unaware of the impact on their Google ranking.



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What do these numbers have in common? by

4 thoughts on “What do these numbers have in common?”

  1. They seem to be tracking every channel separately. Their site features a unique phone number, their Facebook page, too. One thing that I like about such cases (if I could use that word) is that they could give a clearer idea and reconfirmation of how the business data exchanges actually work.

  2. That is ugly. And these guys (and/or their SEO company) are brain-dead. They are going to have to pay for AdWords for a loooong time while those phone numbers get mopped up.

  3. I think a better way to track might be to use the same number with different extensions for each channel. I’m sure a virtural PBX system would be able to track the number of calls to each extension…maybe?

  4. @Nyagoslav
    Great point.

    I explained… we shall see

    That’s a great idea but most local sites don’t support extensions…I can not believe that they get any where near enough intelligence to make this worthwhile.

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