Google Rolling Out New Places Results Page? Or is it a Test? Visible World Wide

Updated: Linda points out that review STARS seemed to have returned in this interface. And they are red.

I was first alerted to this change by Radina Sisheva ofΒ Google appears to be rolling out a new Places (whatever it will be called) search result page that is visually much more attractive. Apparently this display is world wide and has been reported to be visible in Europe by Myles Anderson at Bright Local. It may be a test but if it is it is a very large one and it appears to me to be a worldwide rollout to bring the visuals of the results in line with Google’s newisgn aesthetic.

With no links on the home page it is not clear how a user will be accessing these results. Interestingly the Map notes “Back to Map for”… the search. I assume for those doing ranking of Places results this might break their software once again. πŸ™

You can see the page live by using the Places search modifiers “&prmdo=1&tbm=plcs” on a given search result. I have highlighted some of the visual queues on the page. There is but one large photo associated with a listing and when that listing is rolled over their is box outlining the listing, a single red pin on the map and a call to “see photos”. All in a an attractive display:


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Google Rolling Out New Places Results Page? Or is it a Test? Visible World Wide by

21 thoughts on “Google Rolling Out New Places Results Page? Or is it a Test? Visible World Wide”

  1. Mike,
    Great sleuthing. Looks like yet another mobile-esque display…glad I wasn’t too far off base with my SEMpdx presentation last night πŸ™‚

  2. I do however see the ‘new version’ when I insert the search modifiers at the end πŸ™‚ Clicking on the business name ‘toggles’ the image on the right hand side of the page back and forth between a map and the businesses G+ Page. Sorta tough to actually get to the businesses website —> that part I don’t like.

  3. indeed very interesting.

    for me two points still remain:
    1. on my end and supposed I’m using the parameter &tbm=plcs it doesn’t make any difference using the parameter &prmdo=1 or not.
    1.1 with &prmdo=1 :
    1.2 without &prmdo=1:

    2. did anyone already figured out how to get the same results without “hacking” through &tbm=plcs?
    Would like to get here an information once anybody found the trick.

  4. Interesting timing with IO starting today.

    The first thing that jumped out at me was the existence of “At a glance” terms in this new SERP interface. For whatever reason, the Goog is still trying to find a use for those…

  5. Stars Yay! “At a Glance” snippets, boo! Those are hard to control/change and are often misleading. I showed some screenshots today for instance for a Dentist that has in his snippets “Love Love” and “Warm Neck”???

    I agree with Chris, this is all part of a major update and related to the maps update we’ve been discussing. And I agree it will be announced today at I/O. In fact I bet it went live but in stealth mode just so they could show it today. Maybe even the new local carousel test/update we’ve been discussing will be revealed today.

    I think the most exciting announcements will be made at the Google Maps: Into the Future session which is coming up soon. I’ve posted the live feed and will be watching in anticipation! Exciting day!

  6. So there are no longer any grey pins? And the map markers are all circles except for one big tear drop??? How is the user supposed to know which text result goes with which spot on the map?

  7. The absence of letters (A-G) surprises me. Although on another level it doesn’t: the whole Maps redesign so far has been an aping of Apple Maps, in my opinion. Not saying the new look is bad, though…

  8. It looks very much like a Mobile Search using Google Maps App.

    But the Mobile Search with Maps gives you a “Rating” button at the top of the Results Page (you can toggle from Results to Maps).

    That allows you to select the level of Rating you want to see. Anything less that your selected level or any not rated are pushed waaaay down the list.

    Lets you get the well rated businesses to the Top.

    This beats desktop search!


  9. Sorry I have not been present for the discussion. Seems like it was in good hands.

    It has been confirmed that
    1)Google is going back to stars
    2)This result will be the result seen when coming into via the new Maps.

  10. At Google I/O seminar on Maps Into the Future, there was only a mention that the “sidebar” had gone away apparently replaced with…more map. Rest of the changes in Maps were pretty mundane (color shading, no drop shadows on pins).

    Speaking though of new “Places” Results Pages, I searched a client’s keywords, “Guitar Lessons in Laguna Niguel, CA” on Monday. Up popped the carousel with my client (Pat Hurley Guitar represented by a photo/logo) as the first listing in the “lineup”. Logical, as he had been the first listing in the old vertical “listing” before.

    Today, checking again the carousel is now gone and the old “listing” look is back.

    You can see the screenshots with the new (old?) carousel lineup from Monday and the old (new?) listing look from today at our G+ page at:

    Confusing? No, Google is just testing you. Or &%$#ing with you?

  11. Also seems like the # of reviews threshold is shifting for display. For zero reviews, “Be the first to review” appears right under company name. From 1-__, it looks as if nothing appears at all (in contrast to the old “3 Google Reviews.” I’ve seen a couple 5 review listings that displayed the new stars (yeah!), and several 8’s and 9’s, so it appears the 10 review threshold is coming down. Anyone figured out what the new threshold is? Certainly seems like nowheresville for 1-4.

  12. It is official! The stars are back! See announcement here:
    Also, it looks like you can get the stars to show up in the SERPs with as little as 4 stars now. See screenshot:

    However, I’ve seen some instances where the stars show up with 4 reviews and some that don’t. My suspicion is that you need an aggregate rating of over 4 or 4.5 stars out of 5 to get them to show with only 4 reviews.

    Lastly, you can get an early invite to the new maps by visiting

  13. LOL… Thanks! You are definitely on top of everything!What’s your opinion on why some listings are showing stars with as few as 4 reviews? Algo glitch? Did Jade specifically say that it will take 5 reviews like before?

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