Google Local Bug: Review/Plus Pages Not Loading For SAB Pages

Laura Behny of Attaboy Plumbing and at least one poster in the forums have noted what appears to be a new bug when clicking on the the “Google reviews” link in the pack results. Either a blank page is delivered or these very weird results are shown instead of the local G+ Page. It is not happening on all results and appears to be focused on SAB results.

Update: The bug seems to show regardless of how the page is accessed with most SAB pages that I have tested showing a blank page that include only their business name at the top and no content. Google has been notified of the bug. If you want to chime in at the forums at your comment to the existing post that has been elevated.


Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Local Bug: Review/Plus Pages Not Loading For SAB Pages by

12 thoughts on “Google Local Bug: Review/Plus Pages Not Loading For SAB Pages”

  1. Hey Mike and all. Laura emailed me too but I’m still jet lagged so just got up and researched. Plus Mike’s EST so is always ahead of the game. 😉

    The news is even worse than this. According to the quick checking I’ve done this ONLY affects SABs that are compliant and have address hidden. All the ones I’ve checked with address visible are fine.

    PLUS if the SAB with address hidden does not have any reviews then the same thing happens when you click to go to their G+ L page. The Google+ Local page is totally blank too.

    Just posted about it at my place with examples. Off to share my findings at the Google forum to help them troubleshoot. Because from my quick initial look this bug appears to be tied to hiding your address.

  2. That’s terrible. It’s like they’re punishing you for trying to get all your listings compliant with their wishes….

  3. Yep, seeing the same thing. Common denominator is “compliant” SABs who have hidden their address as stipulated in Google’s guidelines.

    I keep waiting for Google to whack the SABs who don’t comply with guidelines. Over and over the SABs who DO comply get whacked.

    Frustrating and discouraging.

  4. Yes that was a bit of a kick in the teeth for compliant listings. But looks like it’s already fixed. Just got a report at my place so I checked quite a few pages and they all look normal again.

    Are your listings OK now everyone?

  5. Google still has unresolved issues with the edit tab for hidden address “SAB Only”. This has been going on about a month.

  6. Quick question. What does SAB mean? Seams like everyone but me knows! lol

    I found this thread by searching “google business page not showing local reviews”

    Thank you!

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