Google+ Adds Improved Multi Page Mgt Interface

First reported by Google Plus Daily and highlighted by the always observant Matt Gregory on Twitter, Google has rolled out an improved interface for those of you managing multiple G+ Pages social local pages (G+SLP?).  The interface allows you to quickly view all of the Pages that you are managing, provides a single view of ALL notifications across all of your pages and allows quick access to each page’s settings.

The URL for the interface  is telling: This new Dashboard appears to be part of an overall redesign of Plus elements as well as a future part of the coming replacement for the current Places Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 11.45.08 AM



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Google+ Adds Improved Multi Page Mgt Interface by

7 thoughts on “Google+ Adds Improved Multi Page Mgt Interface”

  1. I like it, it’s a good change for me. However for those who manage a good number of Pages, there should be a couple of different ways to look at this data. Right now it’s good for four or perhaps more Pages, anything more becomes a bit of a hassle.

  2. @Andy
    Yes it does breakdown at scale and will need another level or two of organization to be workable for managing lots of locations… but the local multi user management interface is starting to take shape in this. It is not to difficult to imagine it being upgraded to handle a large multi store operation with corporate, regional and local managers.

  3. Add this update and the telephone support mentioned in one of your previous posts – Google is spending energy making this better. I like your theory that they’re planning to increase how they monetize Google+ and Local.

  4. Thanks for the info.

    I just opened up a dashboard and put five Google + pages in it. It is a little bulky at this point. By the way, I transferred manager status for each page by clicking on the pages icon in each Gmail account, and then on “managers”, which appears at the bottom of the box for each Google + page in the Gmail account.


  5. It maxes you out at 50 pages in which you can manage at a time. We have a good amount of clients and are doing the merge for a majority of them and have Manager access to most of them. I like the interface but now have to use multiple logins due to having a large number of pages that I manage. It’s much better than the old way of course of having to log in and out of pages all day long.

  6. Whats really interesting is way how the old places “blue dot” simple adwords express can easily come over into this world. Google will end up being able to monetize this quickly if they clean up the clutter. I think the reality is that if G starts to get there head around making it “joe 6-pack” similar to what FB has done, they will have a good pick up on availability to the masses.. right now way to confusing, i am baffled why they ruined the places cut-over and then google plus has been a nightmare to admin.

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