Google+ Page 500 Error Bug & Work Around

There has a been a persistent, infrequent bug in the management of merged Google+ Pages for local where the owner of the page is unable to access the management of the page and receives a 500 Error from Google. Google knows about the bug but has been unable to quash it as of yet.

Kaleh, a Top Contributor in the Google for Business forum with lots of experience on the Plus side of the house had this to suggest.

Another option to try (based upon a report in a Google+ Discuss Forum topic) is accessing the following modified version of the URL:

The other user’s situation is very different from yours, but I find it interesting that he can perform most management tasks when he has the /b/ in the URL, but can’t even see the page through the page management interface.

If you have experienced this bug let me know whether this work around solves the problem.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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17 thoughts on “Google+ Page 500 Error Bug & Work Around”

  1. I manage 8 G+ pages – I’ve been trying to get to my pages all day – not finding that a b works – can not currently get to my PERSONAL information on G+ #frustrating

  2. My writing partner and I use hangout to get out work done. We logged on to our individual pages yesterday, but today, neither of our pages are working.

  3. I tried the address with the /b/ complete as above and got a 404 error.

    Then I deleted everything after the long numbers and was able to access the pages, but when I tried to edit the information, I received the same 500 message.


  4. i want to DELETE my page and I get this error505 can’t process request, try again later! I cant even delete the page. PLEASE HELP really need to delete the page.

  5. A HTTP code 500 errors now from google+ post links are just showing up for the first time. If you use as your Plus link shortener, new errors are generated because it has been offline for the past two or so weeks. Use instead.

  6. My issue could be completely different from this, but maybe you have an answer for me. This is a new email and when I select to go to Google+ and try to follow something, it brings me the pop up window of making a profile asking for name, gender, and birthdate. I, then, hit enter to create it and it says, “Something went wrong.” Is there some way known to fix this? Or are you just no longer able to get G+ accounts.

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