NetMarketShare: Mobile Market Share Passes 10% for First Time

Netmarkshare is reporting that aggregate mobile usage has passed 10% across all websites for the first time. The bulk of that usage is attributable to iOS which comes in at ~60%. Obviously not all of that usage is truly mobile as the iPad has become an early evening and late night alternative to desktop browsing. It is now time for tablets to be tracked separately from mobile phones so that the market can better understand the distribution of usage.

It is also interesting to note that Google has a market dominating 89% share in the mobile search market. So while usage on mobile devices might be moving away from browsing Google’s domination in the market makes it obvious that focusing your mobile ranking efforts there is a no brainer.

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NetMarketShare: Mobile Market Share Passes 10% for First Time by

4 thoughts on “NetMarketShare: Mobile Market Share Passes 10% for First Time”

  1. A family member asked me recently why Android is open-source. A quick look at Google’s market share on mobile devices/tablets versus desktop devices, especially compared with Bing’s share on each, shows one reason why.

  2. The 10% is surprisingly low to me still. We are seeing month to month averages on our small to mid size law firm sites of 12-15% mobile. Those are for law firm websites (and yes as you would expect it is mainly to get phone number and directions) — but based on that I have assumed restaurants and retail were much higher.

    We recently put some things in manually to our analytics to start separating iPads (we also are testing different experience for ipad/tablets vs. actual smartphones). I am anxious to see this data over the next few months since as you said google’s analytics lump it all into one.

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