The Ironies of Google’s Review Filter

I am sure that Google will take this review down quickly but is there not more than a little irony that this one made it through the filter when so many other reviews land on the cutting room floor?

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The Ironies of Google's Review Filter by

9 thoughts on “The Ironies of Google’s Review Filter”

    1. @Alex

      I don’t doubt the honesty of it and in fact it probably is indicative of problems at the store. That being said the language is explicitly prohibited by the TOS and one would think that a simple filter would not let works like fuck through…

  1. One of the better reviews I’ve seen, so I’m glad Google let it through in that sense! 🙂

    I spoke to a gentleman recently who visited a major chain for an oil change. At the end of the service, the tech approached him and told him his tires were living on very little tread and needed to be changed quickly for his safety. They just happened to have a great special on tires going on. The customer reached in his pocket and pulled out a receipt for the new tires he had installed on that particular vehicle a few days earlier.

    I think the review should stay!! LOL

  2. @Joy

    It would appear that Google’s language filters (which never work that great in general) are very, very limited. I think if a review like that is flagged it would come down fairly quickly.

  3. I was looking up some stuff for a presentation I’m doing tomorrow on the review filter and found this blog article again. Then I realized that the review you mentioned is STILL there. Doesn’t that seem nuts?

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