Google Plus Now Allows Videos on Merged G+ Pages for Local

The ability to upload videos to your G+ Local listing via the Places Dashboard has long been broken and the feature was missing on the merged G+ Pages for Local. I am not quite sure when this happened but you now can upload videos if you have a (re)verified G+Page for Local. As reader Julie Larson from Divas Mobile Solutions pointed out to me, the feature is isolated to G+ and doesn’t allow for easily integrating YouTube channels into to your profile but with drag and drop it does allow for bulk video uploads. And more importantly the feature seems to just work.

The interface is simple, the uploads moved along quickly and I was able to upload both WMV and FLV files simultaneously. The uploads can be easily shared on G+ as well. You can see the results on Barbara Oliver & Co. Jewelry’s merged G+ Page.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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8 thoughts on “Google Plus Now Allows Videos on Merged G+ Pages for Local”

  1. What coincidental timing Mike. Just yesterday I was researching to see if videos worked on the new merged pages. I thought “If anyone has done it yet, it’s Mike” so headed over to Barbara’s page to look for videos and found none. But then I checked the infamous G example – the Meatball Shop and they had videos. So I was kinda scratching my head and that’s as far as I got.

    So thanks for confirming video uploads work now!

  2. I guess it’s good that Google is rolling out the video functionality before more businesses are using the merged pages; it’s an opportunity to work out any bugs earlier rather than later.

    Still, I wish they’d just finish the damn merge already, so that service-based businesses (for one) can play on the same field as brick-and-mortar businesses.

    If BOJ is any indication, it looks to me like the videos go up right away. Hope that’s still true when the feature rolls out more broadly; the 4-6 –week ETA for photo uploads has gotten reeeeal old…

  3. @julie
    Glad I could help

    Amen to “just finish the damn merge already” but I fear that we are just one step along a 10 step path and it is going sloooooooow.

    The video and photos and most other data are in fact nearly instant with the new verified Google + Pages for Local.

  4. Is it okay to post a video on a business’s Google Plus page that has already been posted on Youtube and/or on the business’s website? Does Google see this as duplicate content?

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