Google+ Local And Review Issues

Since the rollout of Google+ Local the complaints about missing reviews have risen dramatically in the forums. The issues that Google have had right along with losing reviews remain much the same and reviews can go missing for many of the same reasons:
– Marked as spam
– They are misplaced by Google briefly or for longer periods
– Users mark their review as private in the transition to PLus
– A listing has dupes and the review gets associated with the other listing
– A rating will show in the review count but not in the review corpus

But apparently something has changed. In conversations in the private forum Google noted the following high level points regarding spam that we could share and that may make life easier for some of you:

– car dealership reviews are usually, but not always, spammy
– Google will only allow one review per person per business
– Copy pasting the same review for multiple locations is also not allowed (Google will delete both instances of the review)
– Putting URLs in reviews will result in the review being marked as spam

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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156 thoughts on “Google+ Local And Review Issues”

  1. I am extremely frustrated, I have had plenty of customers write reviews on our Google review page and yet none of them are showing up but 1 very old (terrible) review from a senile woman, and 1 good review from 1 month ago. I don’t know why Google has been marking 95% off the reviews as spam. It is extremely frustrating and no one has been able to fix the problem that I have contacted.

  2. @Vanessa
    Google does not see it as a problem that reviews were taken down. They see it as the cost of fighting spammy reviews. If 95% of your reviews are being taken down then perhaps the process you are using or the way that reviewers are leaving reviews is hitting up against their spam fighting algos.

  3. I want to write a review about a business on google reviews but I have followed all the instructions on the site and it just won’t bring up a search tool to find the business, instead it offers me a hand full of businesses to choose from that I mostly have not heard of. Useless, dissfunctional, and un-user friendly, total waste of time trying to use the google review tool.

  4. Surely the content of a review is up to the reviewer, and is a review of my business and therefore between me and the customer. How do my reviewers know they should not use my URL, or other “spam triggers”, in their review?

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