The G+ Merge Has Started: Google Now Processing Manual Merge Requests

Google is now processing manual Merge/Verification requests that were made to expedite the integration of the Google+ Local and the Googe+ Business pages. I assume that the bulk of merges have now begun.

I and several others received this email in the last few minutes (just before 3:00 pm EST):


Congratulations your Google+ page is verified and upgraded! Remember to keep the information on your page up-to-date by editing in your Google+ account. Please note that after you verify, changes you make to your page may be subject to review before being published. Learn more at

Since you are one of the first users to be verified, we’d love to get some feedback on your experience so far, this will greatly help us improve the product. Please take a few minutes to take our survey.

If you have any other question regarding your verified local Google+ page, check out our help center articles at

The Google Team

As Greg Magnusson of Leo’s Pet Care noted, only one of the three links is currently live. I particularly was curious to understand what was meant by this sentence and link; Please note that after you verify, changes you make to your page may be subject to review before being published. Learn more at Unfortunately the link is not yet live.

The other problem is that the form makes no indication which listing is being merged. If you have more than one on an email address it can be confusing.

Update: the links are now live.

Policy for edits to local Google+ pages
Any content that you have on your local Google+ page should follow the Google+ content policy. Information about your business should also follow the quality guidelines for listings.

All new listings or changes to your existing listing are subject to review. Please wait a few days for your changes to appear on your local Google+ page. Having problems editing? Let us know.

This page about service area businesses appears to be new:

Service area businesses
If you’re a service area business and have hidden your address in Google Places for Business, your address is already hidden on the local Google+ page for your business as well. Once we roll out the ability to verify your upgraded local Google+ page, doing so will respect that selection to hide your address.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
The G+ Merge Has Started: Google Now Processing Manual Merge Requests by

33 thoughts on “The G+ Merge Has Started: Google Now Processing Manual Merge Requests”

  1. Yes, great email to receive. Still working out of 2 dashboards though 🙂 Thanks for the update, as always, it is greatly appreciated!

  2. Not only that, I am seeing Posts, Photos and Videos show on the Google+ Local page appear today. Is it safe to assume it is related to the mergers or some other update?

    I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

    1. @Daniel
      If you are seeing posts show up on the G+ local page, that would indicate that the merge has occurred.

      @Matt G
      Yes, still two dashboards. I assume, but do not know, that a new dashboard is on the way very soon.

      Did your email indicate which listing was affected? Mine did not and thus I am a little baffled.

  3. About time! Last couple of months have been very frustrating.

    On a slightly different note, Mike have you had a luck trying to get access to a Place account that you didn’t have access details for? i.e. when a business owner didn’t have it but their listing was verified by a third party i.e. another agency who didn’t pass on the details to the business owner?

  4. Mike, it’s not showing the business for which this happened, but I have them under different accounts, so I actually didn’t think about this.

  5. Hey Mike,

    It may just be a choice of language issue, but isn’t this just a “transition” of a Places page to the full new “Google+ Local” with social features page, rather than a “merge”, which to me indicates a merger of Google+ Local pages with already existing Google+ business pages?

    I feel like we were on the same page on Twitter the other day after I asked about Benu’s clear misunderstanding of what that “Upgrade request” form as all about:

    Just so we’re clear – is that still what you’re now talking about – an “upgrade”, rather than a merge between Google+ Local and existing Google+ business pages?


  6. @Yousaf
    The only way is to reclaim the listing into a new account and request via the troubleshooter that the old claimant be removed.

    No, it doesn’t show. It took me a while to figure out which account had merged.

    This is the merge of existing G+ Business pages with the G+ local pages for folks that had both and requested that they have early access to the merged page.

  7. Wow, thanks for getting back to me so quickly Mike! So, just out of curiousity then, how were people able to make this “request”… And can anyone still?

  8. A little off topic, but what would be the best thing to do (considering requested mergers are happening now) to get a “new” Local Listing? Initiate a Google Places Page? or start a Google+ Business Page (set to Local)? or wait?

  9. Thanks Mike, I actually just got through searching your site and followed those links before I came back here to state that I was rushing initially and hadn’t read the fine print below the last field on that form and it is indeed a merge request form, but the headline and description Google uses don’t make it very clear:

    Upgrade Request
    Please fill out the form below to be considered for upgrading your listing early. Because we’re still in a testing phase, some things may not work as expected, and we appreciate your patience to help improve the product.

    In order to be considered you must have your business verified in Google Places for Business and have created a local Google+ page. Once the listing for your business is upgraded, changes to the listing are subject to moderation under the applicable policies.

    From the beginning, I was thinking this form was to request inclusion in the beta test of “upgraded” +local pages (social media capabilities activated), but I see now that it is without question a “merge” request, despite the fact that Google never uses that word.

    Here’s the “fine print” that makes it clear what the form is actually used for:

    Link to your local Google+ Page *
    This is the page that you created via Google+ before we upgraded your Places listing to local Google+ pages. From the Google+ Page you created (with the “Posts” tab), copy and paste the URL that appears in your browser’s address bar.

    As usual you were right and clearer than Google all along!

  10. Mike, this request would be for a ‘new’ Local listing – one that hasn’t been discovered by Google yet. It’s a new business with come citation work done. What do you think? Google+ biz Page or Places Page request? (if that’s still possible).
    Andy 🙂

  11. @andy
    For now, the only way to verify a listing is via the Places dashboard. So I would start there, claim it, verifiy it like always and then decide what to do from the optional list of possible activities.

  12. Hi to all,

    For a small business who generally does not outsource seo/ppc etc this is immensly difficult to get your head round.

    We have a very old Places account with a well populated page etc. We rank ok and show in the 6 pack quite often.

    Now I see the “Googe+ Page” link beneath the listing and this allows me to upgrade to a G+ page via the old Places account.

    I get that so far but I havent yet started the upgrade. The reason being that we have a G+ page currently on a different account (diff email etc) and it is not something I want to ditch.

    So is it possible to merge this G+ account with the yet to be created Places G+ version..? Or is it simply better to ditch the current G+ account and run with the Places one Im being prompted to create right now..?

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing and of course we should have done this properly first time round!!

    Any advice greatly appreciated


  13. Hey Mike,
    We’ve been having the “we currently not supporting this location” / “pending review” for several listing for over 3 weeks now and none of them got back yet but we can still view them via the dashboard.
    I was wondering if filling the merge form will help our listings come back or maybe we should wait until they show up (hopefully) and then fill the merge form. The listings have a google+ page.

    Thank you,
    And keep you hard work you sure help us and many people out there!

    1. Dave

      The “We currently do not support” message is either a penalty (likely given the pending review) or an erroneous penalty. These are independent of the move to G+ local and need to be handled separately from that. You should contact Google via the Help Page troubleshooter (after you have made sure that the listing is in compliance) and see which reason it was taken down.

  14. Hey Mike,

    Got a question for you. Some of my clients have places and Google + accounts under 2 different emails. Is there any way to merge those?


  15. Mike, thanks for the update. I thought only “storefront” businesses could submit the Upgrade Request form? There are 4 boxes at the bottom of the form – the first box you need to check is “My business has a storefront and follows the Places quality guidelines.”

    Does this still apply? We and some of our clients have a G+ page they created and a verified G+ Local page, but don’t have a storefront business, like a construction company or internet marketing where we travel to the client (the client sometimes comes to our home based locations).

    And, can you please clarify that Google is merging G+ Business pages that were already created, not a G+ personal page.

    Thanks so much – your posts help keep us from going crazy!


  16. @Susan
    At this point Google has not yet started merging service area businesses. It will come but not yet.

    They are merging Google+ Business pages NOT personal pages.

  17. Thanks for the reply Mike,
    This is the message we received from google in our mail last week:

    Unfortunately, your listing may have been dropped due to a technical issue that we cannot yet resolve. We hope to have a resolution soon for this issue, at which point we will be in touch with next steps to help you return your business to Google Maps.

    Is this a good sign of hope and our listing could actually show up again?

  18. Hey Mike – so after the merge of Places and G+Business is complete, it looks like the content (photos, about us, etc) from the Google+Business page becomes the default, correct?

    Do you still have access to Places Dashboard? What suggestions do you have for building out your G+Business page content prior to such a merge?

  19. Does anyone have any idea how Google will approach bulk accounts? I assume that, as of now, we must create and verify each Google+ Business page separately. However, once those pages are verified, is there a best way to manage multiple listings?

    Currently, the users’ Pages dashboard shows each location with only the first 20 or so characters of the business name visible. When you have more than a few locations to manage, with the business names all being the same, I’m not sure how the best way to manage the listings would be. Any ideas?

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