Google’s Worst Customer Service Response EVER

Several week ago a large number of mostly service area listings started receiving the dreaded “We currently do not support the location” message. At the time Google noted that “your listing may have been dropped due to a technical issue that we cannot yet resolve. We hope to have a resolution soon for this issue, at which point we will be in touch with next steps to help you return your business to Google Maps“.

Last week Michael Borgelt sent me a copy of this email that Google had started sending to those inappropriately affected by the “We do not support” message on their listing (bold mine) :


Thanks for your patience in waiting for an update on your Google Maps listing. If you’re still receiving the “We currently do not support the location” error message, then your listing was affected by a technical issue and there are a couple of things you can do to help restore it to Google Maps.

First, review our quality guidelines. If your location doesn’t meet these guidelines, it may have been removed from Maps. Especially check out this article about service-area businesses, and hiding your address in case your business is at a residential location:

If you’re confident that your business fits within our guidelines, then search for your business at and see if it has been marked as removed. If you’re able to find it, attempt to undo the removal and reinstate your listing on Maps. It may take a couple of days for your reinstatement to be processed.

If you’re unable to reinstate your page this way, then please remove your listing from your Google Places dashboard by clicking “Delete” then “Remove my listing from my Google Places account,” then recreate the listing. You will need to undergo PIN verification again if that was your original verification process, but doing so may cause your listing to surface cleanly on Maps once you input your new PIN.

Thanks for your patience and understanding with this process, and we hope to continue to improve your experience in Google Local and on Google Maps.

The Google Local Team

This response qualifies as not just the worst customer service response ever from Google, but perhaps the worst customer service response ever. It is as if the printed Yellow Pages didn’t print your listing due to their error and then told you that you needed to go down to their office and enter it yourself on their arcane typesetting machine. Hello?

Some notes:
Every time I think that “We currently do not support the location” is a bug, I discover that it is instead an intentional message. If you receive it at the beginning of the listing cycle it means: We have not had time to process your listing. If you receive it after your listing has been active for a while it means: Dude, either we or one of our MapMaker volunteers has pulled your listing down for violation of some rule stated or not.

In this particular case, it seems that Google realized that they pulled a few too many down and they are expecting those suffering the fate in error to fix the problem themselves.

Now that is chutzpah.

What you should do:

It appears from everything that I can gather from these emails and this post is that this pull down affected listings that Google suspected of not being in compliance with the requirement to hide your address. Some listings, as you can see from this forum post may have also been tagged due to MM rules.

Regardless, if your listing deserves to be in the index, then you have no choice but to follow the advice given above. It essentially means that one way or another your listing will be vetted yet once again, either by a MM moderator or the Places verification system. Your choice.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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58 thoughts on “Google’s Worst Customer Service Response EVER”

  1. My web disappear from the search I tried to find out what happened but as many people mention it, there is no answer. Many years growing the testimony’s an they are all lost. I would like to know what happened, to be able to repaire something if it is wrong but no . I can’t believe it!!!

  2. My business is more than three years with Google Places and Google AdWords Accounts. It was perfectly doing OK, but for the last one year it’s no longer showing on Google Places for business and Google Maps. I have contacted Google several times through email regarding my particular business; all I have been hearing from them bunch of nonsense, lies and blaming on technical issues. They still haven’t fixed it instead I’m paying every month tons of money to Google on their AdWords Account. Google should be shame of them. It’s a disgrace and I hate it.

  3. Thank you for this article. About a month ago (October 2012) this happened to me. My listing just disappeared after being active for several years. It all started when a happy customer of mine posted a good review on Google+. But it wasn’t showing up. She told me she posted it, and tried again several times. Over the next few weeks I emailed google several times to find out why this was happening. Finally, I got this response:

    “Hi Tristan Heberlein,

    Thanks again for sharing your local expertise with other Google users! We have reviewed Solstice Landscape Design because of your report.

    If there is still anything wrong in our information about Solstice Landscape Design on Google Maps (, please consider updating it directly via the “edit” link, or reporting another problem.”

    So then I follow the link to go see if it was posted, and low and behold, I get a blank page that says “Google+ currently does not support this location.” It’s been that way for the last month or more. Despite repeated emails, and even phone calls to their corporate offices to try to speak with someone about this and get it restored, there has been no response whatsoever. No reply. No real person has ever gotten back to me. It’s all very upsetting, and it appears to be impacting my Angie’s List listing as well, in which I’m paying for advertising – my business doesn’t show up in some of the areas people are searching for me in on Angie’s List.

    I did violate the “home office” rule, I’m now learning. Had no idea that rule existed – about not showing your address. Never was I called or emailed about that, and never did I read that it was a rule.

    Google sucks.

  4. Tristan

    If you received this message you MUST request help via the Google for Business Help Fix a Problem troubleshooter, get in touch with a real person and then wait 6 weeks for the resolution.

  5. Google’s lack of customer support is the most frustrating and disgusting thing I have ever dealt with. They make it almost impossible to contact them, They make you go round and round in circles on their websites when you try to find the links that pretend you can reach them.

    Youtube is even worse since Google took it over. I have been mistreated, abused and discriminated against by the Google /youtube moderation team. My account was banne don youtube because of my religion.

    Some bigot onyoutube was posting death threats on my channel because he hated my religion so I reported him to youtube without replying to the abuser and soon as a youtube moderator processed my report they gave me a ban instead of the person posting the death threats at me.

    When i tried to contact google about the unfair conduct by the prejudice, corrupt, incompetant moderator who had unfairly banned me without even touching the death threats posted at me by the perpatrator, Google did not reply back.

    they have given the youtube moderators full power to be judge jury and executioner with no questions asked. When a Youtube moderator decides to play favoritism and behave bias by banning a person because they dont like their religion, there is NOTHING anyone can do to oppose, complain or expose the corruption! And what I’ve told you here is just tip of the iceberg! I have been mistreated by corrupt, prejudice youtube staff on so many ocassions.

  6. google is the pathetic with respect to handling any sort of support issue. It is for this reason that Bing Places will gradually replace google, that and the fact that they work with other social media — where google does not.

    stick to search engines, and android operating system…you have no idea what it is like to have a business being victimized by your pathetic staff and ridiculous wait times.

    I think all of us should switch to services like yahoo, and bing. they are far more responsive, and reasonable to deal with.

    So much for your credo “don’t be evil”, you have been since day 1

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