“We Currently Do Not Support This Location” Bug Should Be Fixed But The Message Will Persist for Some

The snafu with the Places index that caused an inordinate number of accounts to suffer the dreaded “We Currently Do Not Support This Location” report for a listing should be fixed by now. But some users may find that they have moved from purgatory into Dante’s circles of hell.

Vanessa noted in the forums that the engineers should have had the immediate problem repaired by today and the influx of new messages has nearly stopped.

The operative word here is nearly. To those still experiencing the problem Vanessa is referring posters to this FAQ where she details why a listing might still be getting the message. She notes the following:

You may be seeing this message on your listing for a couple reasons.

1) Have you just recently verified your listing? Note that it may take up to a week from the time you’ve verified that listing to appear on Google Maps, and during that time your Active listing will say “We currently do not support this location” on it. Please just sit tight.
2) Has your listing been verified and live for some time? Search for it on maps.google.com (“business name, city/phone”). Sometimes the links from your Places dashboard aren’t synced properly, so you should always search on Maps first to make sure it is indeed removed . Often it’s still live and there, you just need to look it up via maps.google.com.
3) If you’ve done a search on maps.google.com and still don’t see it, go to your Places dashboard (google.com/places) and “poke” the listing by clicking Edit > Submit. Give it a couple days, and then again, go to maps.google.com to see if you see it appear live.
4) If none of that helps, then your listing has been removed from Google Maps. If you believe your listing should not have been removed, get in touch with our support team:
Select: I have verified > Yes > My listing no longer appears > Fill out the short form, hit Submit, and await an e-mail from a member of our support team (it may take a few days).
– Vanessa

Issues 1-3 are all temporary states from which your listing can and will easily recover. I would however direct your attention to point number 4. The implication of the message is that Google feels that your listing should be removed from the visible index for some sin real or imagined.

In the past I have referred to this state as purgatory. However purgatory assumes that you have or can redeem yourself and achieve a state of grace.

This penalty, occurring at a listing level rather than at the account level, might actually assume that purgatory is not appropriate punishment and the reality may be that you have entered the eighth circle of the inferno instead.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
“We Currently Do Not Support This Location” Bug Should Be Fixed But The Message Will Persist for Some by

19 thoughts on ““We Currently Do Not Support This Location” Bug Should Be Fixed But The Message Will Persist for Some”

  1. Time to find out what circle we’re at – we have a client with two very odd listing errors. One has a ticket, the other is “we currently do not support this location”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. New Listing —> received postcard PIN today —> entered PIN at 7:00 pm MST time (late in the day) —> Blank White Page with the message: We currently do not support the location. Thanks Google, I’ll just tell me client to sit back and wait… while I look like a clutz. I’m glad she trusts me. If my mechanic told me “just wait a few days, and maybe the car will work, or not”, I’d be looking for a new mechanic.

  3. Got a client down near the 3rd or 4th circle of hell. First it is up and fine then it is down then back up and then down. Meanwhile the listing with the 36 fake 5 star reviews remains solidly at #1.

  4. My listing was working great for the last 6 months and now all of sudden I have the “WE CURRENTLY DO NOT SUPPORT THIS LOCATION” tag. I’ve tried everything suggested on other sites to fix this problem and nothing has worked. I e-mailed google 2 days ago and they have not got back to me yet. This is the most important weekend of the year for my company because of people coming up to lake house’s for memorial day and now i’m not even showing up on google. This is so frustrating google!!!

  5. I wonder how many listings got the “WE CURRENTLY DO NOT SUPPORT THIS LOCATION” message over the last week..

    Seems like the bug is still out of hand.

  6. @mike

    Looking to hear your opinion on Google support answering:

    Unfortunately, your listing may have been dropped due to a technical issue that we cannot yet resolve. We hope to have a resolution soon for this issue, at which point we will be in touch with next steps to help you return your business to Google Maps.

    to businesses who are “currently not supported”.

  7. @Megan

    There have been a number of this sort of glitch with the transition that Google is publicly acknowledging.

    Is your business a home based service business?

  8. I have been going through this fiasco with my listing being removed for 2 months now!

    Yes GOOGLE sent me the same Response which was 2 weeks ago and they offer no difinitive date of resolve just basically a stand by to stand by explanantion…..That’s a laugh!

    So basically my listing has been active for the past 4 years now up until this and the answer that I get now that it is the busiest time of the year for any business is stand by to stand by and we are nopt sure if we can resolve this.

    I wonder what would happen when I do computer repair for customers if I provided an answer such as that?

    Personally, with no guarentee and no ETA of when this will transpire, I have decide just to delete my listing and lose the Positive reviews that customers have left me and just start over from fresh. This way I stand somewhat of a chance of getting some business this summer.

  9. We have had our places profile for several years then we got the “We Currently Do Not Support This Location” at the same time everyone else did. Unfortunately, whatever they did to fix the problem had the opposite affect for us. We have been in a state of “We Currently Do Not Support This Location” for almost 3 weeks. When we look our places dashboard, we see “Being reviewed – Pending” even though we can still edit information. Fortunately, Google Places support has been corresponding with us says it is a Google technical glitch that’s causing the problem and it is not a result of anything we have done. They won’t tell us when, if ever, this bug will be fixed. We had 56 (5 star) reviews on this profile. It took us nearly 3 years to accumulate those reviews and now they are gone. The support people created a second profile that is incomplete and has no reviews associated with it. I question the usefulness of a duplicate profile for the same location, but it was their doing, not ours. They have confirmed that the reviews will never re-associate with the new profile, but maybe the old one will come online someday when they fix the bug. As far I am concerned, this is a data integrity problem. It’s funny, if Google were to lose customer data for a few free Gmail accounts then we would hear about it on national news, but lose a few Small Business Google Places profiles and nobody cares (except the business owners).

    If there is a lesson to be learned here then it’s “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Over the years we have sent every customer to our Google Places profile to write a review and many of them did. Why wouldn’t we? We trusted Google to do no evil. With the blink of an eye all those precious reviews have been lost. We embraced Google 100% and have bitten because of it. Going forward, we are sending all customers to our Facebook page to “Like” us and share their experience. Additionally, we intent to fully embrace Apple maps (when they come out), Yelp, Yahoo Local, Bing etc… Spread things around a little. The online equivalent of market diversification. Rest assured, based on this nightmare experience with Google, we will likely not be sending customers to participate in Google Places or Google+ review activity. Funny thing, a fair percentage of our customers actually took the time to create a Google account so they could write the reviews. Yes, they where that happy with our service.

  10. @Mike

    I have two listings which were affected in the exact same way. They were well and good and on page 1 for 2+ years. About 1.5 months ago they went into ‘pending review’. Then about two weeks ago, after I poked/null-submitted them, they went into the ‘We currently do not support this location’, where they are still at now.

    My question is, do you suggest I wait for google to fix this glitch (or penalty?) or just delete the listings (with several reviews) and start over?

    1. @Roman

      I do not have a complete understanding of the history of your listing to provide you with advice.

      You need to understand though that this message happens for 4 reasons:
      1)The listing is new and has not yet been indexed
      2)Google has determined that the listing is egregious spam and it has been removed from the index
      3)Google has cast a spam net too far and erroneously taken down listings
      4)A bug and Google has inadvertently lost your listing (perhaps due to #3 or some other reason)

      The only way to know for sure if it is category two, three or four is to ask google via the troubleshooters in the Google Places for Business help files. If the reason is three or four they will tell you if and when it might come back. If it is issue 2 you are screwed.

  11. This is totally frustrating. So now I have to manually check my new clients “places” listing each day to see if their “places” listing is up. I have even created a new Google + account to see if that would get the Google Places listing up & running. But that hasn’t worked either!

  12. I finally got if Fixed!!!
    Here’s what I did. I called the google adwords toll free# 866-2-GOOGLE (I have an adwords acct.), gave the rep my adwords acct#. I told the rep that my REAL problem is that my Google Places ad had the “We currently do not support this site”, and after many months of trying, I couldnt seem to get it corrected. The rep said that he was looking onscreen at what the problem might be. I explained that I accidently had two listings for the same site because the Home Office (I own a franchise) set up a Google Places listing for my store after I had already set one up myself. (Google doesn’t like multiple listings for the same business/address) I had already deleted the extra listings. The rep told me that he would get this info to the Google Places team, and that I should receive an email within 48hrs. That same evening, my Google Places listing was working again (and i never got an email from Google).

  13. I have a listing with google places. My some keywords were appearing on local search. But there is a error on my listing “we currently do not support the location”. How can I solve this problem.

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