“We Currently Do Not Support This Location” Bug Being Fixed

Apparently there is a new bug (or is it an old one that has resurfaced) causing a number of listings to be erroneously noted as “We Currently Do Not Support This Location” .

Google’s Places Forum Community Manager Vanessa has noted in the forums:

A bunch of you have reported seeing “We currently do not support this location” on your listing. We’re working on a fix right now and will keep you posted on progress.

– Vanessa

So if your listing is experience the dreaded message, Take Two Beers and Stop Back on Monday.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
"We Currently Do Not Support This Location" Bug Being Fixed by

8 thoughts on ““We Currently Do Not Support This Location” Bug Being Fixed”

  1. I am glad I stopped by here. My Google Places listing completely disappeared from Google even though it is still shows up on my dashboard. We will see what Monday brings.

  2. I just made another discovery. I have four bricks and mortar Google Places I over see. In the seven box, the three that are still there look fine. But when you go to the listing, the title names have been changed. Two of them were “Company – City” and one was completely unrelated. They all are now just “Company” so one has been completely renamed and the others have had their name truncated. I have reported the complete name change to Google. We will see what happens.

  3. I started having all kinds of OTHER problems with listings. WEIRD stuff, not the do not support error. Like one listing was unclaimed with owner images one second. Then the next it was claimed with no images and an 850 character “from the owner” description. (The field only allows 200 and it was not from owner but scraped from another site.)

    I could tell something was really off and envisioned an onslaught of people coming to the forum with probs. Alerted Vanessa to ask what was up, then noticed lots more than usual posting in the forum about the do not support error. Then she posted the message.

    Tried to help as many as I could til 11:30 last night and went to bed thinking maybe it’s not as bad I had feared. But guess it was just that not many had noticed it yet because when I checked that thread this AM… oh dear… lots affected. Hope they get the fix done soon.

  4. Vanessa said yesterday that fix was going out and could take a couple days.

    But my Place page came back this AM and many other reports in the forum of Place pages working again. So it appears the fix is rolling out.

  5. OH and also some of the other flakiness I was seeing got fixed too. Have one dentist that became unclaimed Thurs and another that lost all his categories. They are both back to normal today. 🙂

    Thank God for small favors!

  6. My lost site got restored back to normal. I resubmitted off the dashboard one location and after a while that fixed the title name. I then resubmitted the remaining two locations. I am still waiting for results.

  7. Today is 22 may and problem still exists. I do not want believe that Google resolves this problem so long….

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