Google Places Account Suspended- All is Not Lost

Linda Buquet notes that in some situations (where you have not received the start over email) Google is still apparently resuscitating some suspended accounts.

From the post:

Your account’s been suspended. See my response on this other related thread:

Listing not live on Maps anymore, or, it is live and it’s not owner-verified? Use this contact form and …
Select: I have verified > Yes > My listing no longer appears on Google Maps. > Fill out form, hit Submit

Listing live on Maps, and owner-verified? Use this contact form and …
Select: Someone else has verified the listing > Fill out form, hit Submit

Give support a few days to get back to you, they’re working through a lot of tickets right now.

You are up, you are down… if I had to interpret this very mixed messaging…. it sounds as if there are suspensions and then there are suspensions… ie soft suspensions and hard suspensions. Soft suspensions for example might occur if a listing is claimed into two accounts and the wrong account is flagged or if the listing was suspended due to minor violations and still appears in Maps.

My suggestion at this point: request reinclusion, wait for the response. If they note that there is no hope, start a new account with a new listing.

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9 thoughts on “Google Places Account Suspended- All is Not Lost”

  1. Google Places has become a powerfully painful annoyance. Constant rules changes. Accounts listed for months suddenly not in compliance. Account suspended for who knows what reasons – and without notice unless you see the dashboard. Merged listings. “The Google” making the rules for what constitutes a legitimate business. Just a royal pain.

    The G’s rules don’t always reflect the reality of small business. The Facebook and The Bing are much easier to deal with.

    I’ve been going back and forth forever (over a year) now. Mine is a home based web design business and I do not want my address shown. Only recently have they made that bearable, but in the meantime I had a PMB address (not a PO Box) to use as my business address. Worked fine for a long time and Places even had the info from aggregators. Boom- account suspended now – again. The PMB address (UPS) store has been the ONLY address I’ve used for five years (with exception of PO box for mail).

    Tried to delete and reclaim with home address info. Nothing. This is ridiculous. Why do they make us guess what they object to?

    If a business has had but one address for five years, what makes it illegitimate? Because searchers expect to drop in? (BTW, an addition to the hours of operation as ‘by appointment only’ is not unreasonable and would solve that searcher ‘problem’).

    I could spend a lot more money and rent one of those ‘virtual offices’ to use as my address. How is that different from a UPS store address? In either case, the business is ‘there’ but not ‘there’.

    Just make it a paid service and give us some support – that would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation.


  2. Mike, a couple of points:

    – I believe when an account gets suspended but the listing(s) still show up live and not owner-verified this is usually the left-over from the information coming from third-party sources.

    – If the listing appears live and owner-verified after an account suspension, this is usually due to it being claimed via more than one account. Here I’d confess that I’ve been using “claiming in more than 1 account” for quite a long time as a preventive tactic against suspensions/rejections/pending bugs/wcdnstl (you know what I mean).

    I completely agree on your idea of soft/hard suspensions and I think that’s the main purpose why the “purgatory” punishment exists, too.

  3. I’m subscribed to the Places Forum….OMG seeing more messages//problems over the last few days than any other day in the last month!!!! Guess there are problems all over

  4. Yep Dave, it’s pretty knarly out there and all the natives that have missing Places pages are going to get mightly restless waiting all weekend for a fix.

    But at least we are getting updates from Vanessa. Remember the old days a couple years ago, when stuff like this would happen and there would be no info from G?

  5. Linda: I’m confident that the number of complaints and problems are ALWAYS the tip of an iceberg. I say that because many businesses have no idea about their places page, never look at it, probably don’t know what its called, don’t realize that google controls the page–not them, and frankly when consumers/users rely on misinformation from the page…the consumers think the business itself is responsible for posting the misinformation.

    I say that from experience with regard to businesses with problems that stem from google places information or misinformation due to the unstable nature of the cluster. Some examples are older –one is fairly recent from a business that posted about a problem a relatively short while ago.

    The business has received calls or had visits from misinformation in the Places Page for years. Okay….yes….some of the wrong calls could have come from a different 3rd party on the web….but that is highly highly unlikely…..Google is the big monopoly on the web for visits and views into the internet when searching for information about a local smb.

    the calls would come in and staff would have to deal with it. The staff is not knowledgeable about the google places page. If its a larger business with multiple staff…there is even less awareness.

    The business with which I’m most recently aware of this issue kept getting calls and irate customers because of some totally misleading information. Its got to come from some aspect of the cluster.

    Ultimately one of those calls escalated to the GM who was also responsible for the Places Page….though never spends time checking it….and the only way the manager could figure it out…was because the irate, angry customer took a screen shot of the Places Page and emailed it to the business.

    that is a one in a thousand possibility.

    I know plenty of small businesses around where I normally work. I speak with a bunch of them. Of them I have yet to speak with one that spends any time on his/her places page. Not one.

    None of us know precisely the size or scope of problems on the places pages…but we’ll have a hard time figuring it out…because probably a vast majority of the smb operators out there don’t know what is going on in their own pages and whether there is a problem or not.

  6. Have tried over and over to get listed on Google My Business, to no success ever. Keep getting the suspended message and every attempt to rectify any issue, fails. Have submitted multiple tickets over the last 8 years and have never received one iota of help or explanation as to what can be done. While every scam company seems to have no problem, only legitimate companies continue to fail, without so much as any explanation. The stress is too much to handle. It is obvious Google does not care. Yet they care about the multitude of scam companies who have completely taken over Google. What can be done? I have deleted all accounts. Re submitted yet still get nowhere. I have applied and received the verification postcards 25 times. Every time, I get the suspension message. I still get in excess of 50,000 hits and pageviews annually, through generic/organic search and this contributes to ongoing business success, but the My Business platform appears to be a complete and utter useless waste of time and energy.
    Without expert help, it is virtually impossible to fix any issue. Very disappointed.

  7. Google has gone fully retarded, we have an hq and depot, guess what Google My Business is now run by poorly trained call centre on crappy VOIP lines.

    no reason for suspension and advised to “recreate listing from another account”

    Surely google can afford decent trained call centre and staff that can understand you.

    Tried calling London HQ and bloody useless automated 90’s crap push button system

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