SMX Germany March 27, 2012

SMX Germany is an incredibly well run and enjoyable event. Munich is a great city and the beer, despite or perhaps because of its large container, is delicious.

Slide 4 – Jan 2012 Search Engine Market Share / Local Search %

Slide 13 – How to maximize your branded presence in Google search

Slide 14 – Rich Snippets in Local Results

Slide 15 – Local Search Eye Tracking Study

Slide 20 – A Closer Look at the Local Search Data Providers (US)

Slide 21 – How the Google Places Cluster Works

Slide 23-25 Google Places Comic – Acceptable Outcomes = Collateral Damage or A Direct Hit?

Slide 35 – NAP Consistency

Slide 36- Google Places Policies: Quality guidelines

Slide 44- Choosing the Right Category – A Tool

Slide 44 – Writing a Great Business Description

Slide 39 – Checking for Problems – NAP Audit

Slide 40 – Creating a GeoSitemap – A tool

Slide 42 – Providing a Baseline Presence

Slide 44 Local Search Ranking Factors – the many variables

Slide 44 A brief list of 10 Ranking Factors – somewhat old but still valid and a quick read

Slide 45 Thinking about your Business Name in the Internet Era

Slide 46 – User Generated Content – Geo Tagged Photos

Slide 47-53- The Importance of Citations

Slide 54-55 – Finding Citations

Reviews – Jumping Into the Void

Slide 58-59 – Google FAQ on Review Issues

Slide 66 – Trust in consumer reviews – Nielson

Slide 66- How consumer Reviews Build Trust in Your Brand – Harvard Business Review

Slide 69-71 – A case study – Garnering Reviews – A Mom & (no) Pop Shop finally Hops on Reviews

Slide 75- 7 Tips on Avoiding Bad Reviews

Slide 77 & 82 – Principles for a Review Plan: Considerations in encouraging customer reviews

Slide 81 – Responding to Negative Reviews – Your Prospects are the Real Audience

Slide 83 –Reviews: Lipstick on a Pig Leads to User Backlash

Slide 85- Google Places: Onsite “Review Stations” AOK with Google

Slide 86 – Asking for Reviews – UMoveFree Finds the Groove

Slide 87-89 – Removing Friction from the Review Process – Crafting a URL

Slide 95- Allocating Online Marketing Resources & Building Web Equity

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2 thoughts on “SMX Germany March 27, 2012”

  1. These posts are so valuable Mike. Thanks.

    “Breaking News” – Google Places Validation Codes are now 6 digits and not 5 digits! That’s gotta mean something to somebody somewhere. I’m glad some engineer spent time updating the validation codes.

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