Google Updates Blended Display on Desktop AND Mobile


At the end of February I reported that Google was including both rich snippet reviews AND authorship images and links in blended results on the desktop. At the time these features had not appeared in the mobile results. Starting yesterday Google has once again updated the Blended display on the desktop to not show the rich snippet reviews in the blended results (they still show in organic results) nor the author links as much. Google also is now including a larger authors image and including additional links to their reviews.

Compare this screen shot from this morning to the one taken on February 29th:


More interesting to me is that Google has added Author photos to the blended and organic mobile results. This creates a very strong visual queue on the much more constrained mobile desktop:



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Google Updates Blended Display on Desktop AND Mobile by

8 thoughts on “Google Updates Blended Display on Desktop AND Mobile”

  1. Hey Mike, we enjoyed the same results after implementing the changes you suggested in your Feb 29 post (Rich snippet review & author now showing in local search) so thank you for that!

    re: the screenshot at the top of this post – how are you able to show Barbara Oliver’s gPlaces star-rating in her adwords ad?

  2. I am so excited that my rel=author is finally working and showing up beautifully in SERPS on both my PC and mobile too now 🙂

    Like Miriam said, the screenshots make it so much easier to work out what we could/should be seeing, especially as we are often behind you guys.

    In the UK, we have only just got rel=author in the blended listing but it’s not triggering the additional site pages – well, at least not for the one search that I know will find me.

    However, the mobile listing with rel=author does seem to be blended, giving some additional info above the balloon and address plus opening hours and reviews.

  3. @Will
    In Adwords it is in an option. Barbara is using Adwords Express where it happens automatically if you have enough reviews and good enough stars. Problem is that if you click on the stars it takes you to her Places page.

  4. Mike said: “starting yesterday Google has once again updated the Blended display on the desktop to not show the rich snippet reviews in the blended results”

    My client still has the rich snippet double review stars in blended results and so does the example I blogged about Feb 2nd.

    I wonder if the difference is: Barbara’s listing also has her profile pic. The 2 examples I’m seeing that have double blended stars don’t have profile pics.

    So maybe as with so many other things in life you have to choose 2 but you can’t have all 3??? 😉

  5. Shoot I sent to code a couple weeks ago to a VERY high profile cosmetic Dentist client’s developer. Have been waiting for it to be added. Told him he was going to be the 1st Dentist with double stars AND a profile pic. Maybe not…

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