The Google Places Guidelines Enforcement Plan

Wanting to get across the point that SMBs need to read the Google Guidelines in a recent seminar, I worked with Margaret Shulock, a nationally syndicated cartoonist who lives down the road, to develop this comic. If you would like to share this with your readers please do. Over the next month I will be creating a series of these cartoons named Google Places False Negatives and they will be archived there and available for your use.

Feel free to Grab the code snippet below to add the comic to your site.

The Google Places Rejection Meister
“Google Places Enforcement Plan”by Margaret Shulock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at

Code snippet:

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The Google Places Guidelines Enforcement Plan by

2 thoughts on “The Google Places Guidelines Enforcement Plan”

  1. I love the cartoon, lol. (also, it is cool that you live near a famous cartoonist). But you are right that local businesses need to follow the rules. A lot of business owners I work with don’t know a lot about marketing online and don’t even bother to follow the guidelines with GP, which might hurt them in the long run.

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