411 Locals Back in the News

411 Locals has been implicated in widespread Places listing sabotage and accused of threatening an SMB. Well they are back in the forums with this recent report of their widespread spam. You can’t keep a good black hat down.

Poster HoskinsRick noted a range of examples of spamming that shared a number of features; keyword laden business names, either superpages or keyword focused domains, Place Page updates that referenced the address or domain name, plenty of fake reviews, royalty free photos and spot-on centroid locations:

Placentia Accident Attorney
Accident Attorney Raleigh
Accident Attorney Hartford
Accident Attorney Irvine
Accident Attorney Oklahoma City
Accident Attorney Oklahoma City
Accident Attorney Indianapolis
Accident Attorney Philadelphia

Centroid Spam - click to View Larger

I can not say with 100% assurance that all of these are from 411 Locals but I called the first 4 or 5 on the list. Most of those forwarded to the same unanswered cell phone message. The one that didn’t was clearly not located where the business listing indicated. And LAWYERPLACENTIACA.INFO (and several of the other domains of the domains did but no longer do) resolved to 411 Locals.

411 Locals is no small actor and they are rumored to use a number of “dirty” tactics including closing competitive listings and changing descriptions just before month end with keyword heavy focus so that they showed a higher temporary ranking in client. I have spoken with several of their ex-clients (those that would speak with me as a number refused any comment) and they reported overly aggressive and threatening tactics. It is speculated that they have worked on 16,000 business listings and could have as many as 8000 active clients. While Google is certainly aware of them and has implemented some changes at scale to mitigate their efforts, clearly they are still active.

Have you run into them in any way? Have you seen their listings or spoken with previous clients?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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  1. Thanks for mentioning my sabotage story Mike. I know Steve has had some run-ins with them, as he indicated in comments in that story. I have not personally yet.

    But it scares me how many clients they have and how many SMBs are being taken advantage of OR could be suspended or have other problems due to the actions of these guys.

    They also go by 411service.net and there have been complaints about that company by users on the forum as well. They have a few other related names too.

    There are TONS and TONS of complaints about them. Google: either name + complaints or scams and you’ll find pages and pages.

    Here’s a good one. They threatened to DESTROY a customer. They allegedly put ninja turtles on the Place page then moved their location from NY to Finland. http://www.scambook.com/report/view/17553/411-Locals-False-Advertising-for-2000.00-on-08-24-2011

    Bad, bad apples!

  2. Interesting that you brought these guys up. I recently ran across some of their sites and did some detective work. Here is what I found:
    1. The two suspicious sites related to the places listings are hosted on the same IP
    2. Approximately 45,000 other sites are listed on the same IP
    3. I have looked at about 20 sites that look the same and have found the following in common:
    4. Nearly all addresses are located at or very near city centroid
    5. street view does not indicate the business is at that location
    6. The websites generally only include the business name in an image rather than text
    7. Reviewers that are leaving reviews are are generally 5 and some times 4 star reviews
    8. All of the additional reviews that those reviewers leave on other businesses are 4 and 5 star
    9. Nearly all of the reviewers are creating maps with the business locations
    10. Nearly all of the reviewers are also reviewing other Places associated with web sites from the same IP and same structure

    Definitely look suspicious to me

  3. @Linda

    Hah… I only hope the move to Finland came with free medical insurance.

    Yes petty maliciousness or else national scale seem to be the norm. This guy took a play from the Locksmith playbook but only implemented locally. One wonders how he has time to run his business.

    Yes they seem to have a ton of interlocking sites and reviewers…one wonders how it is that Google doesn’t catch these sorts of relationships. They are, after all, a registrar.

  4. Mike this is a nice catch.

    On another interesting note a client of mine recently got slammed into this little problem mentioned here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Places/thread?tid=44787248db22a7c6&hl=en

    Google apparently is outsourcing a secondary manual verification process to India. Having now dealt with these folks I am shocked at the absolutely poor customer service. The listing they called about is now gone from results even though it is a real business location with all valid data. I will begin going through the edits panel to see what happened and why. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Places/thread?tid=451b2be0d895f982&hl=en

    It is incredible to me that Google would trust something as important as the quality of their search results to cheap labor in India.

  5. I personally have a client that has had the misfortune of working with 411 Locals. They created dozens of spammy Google Places listings with ridiculous keyword-stuffed names, all verified. A year later, and I’m still battling their bad data.

    Business names were things like (I changed the names to protect my client, even the towns):
    ‘oakland smith law’
    ‘san francisco smith law’
    ‘alameda smith law’
    ‘berkeley smith law’
    ‘pacifica smith law’

    …etc. The phone numbers were all correct, the website was correct, but the addresses and business names were all false. The client unfortunately didn’t know this was black hat. They knew it wasn’t exactly the correct way to verify listings, but they had no idea what the long-term problems can be.

    When he called to ask that they delete the listings on their end, he was given some song and dance about how if they did that, it would somehow delete ALL of their clients’ Google Places listings. Worthless bunch, IMHO.

  6. Interested to know who are the people in charge of 411Local. A client that once hired their services said they claimed to be based in Las Vegas?

    Wonder where their base is and are they outsourcing any of their work to places outside the US?

    Anyone know?

    1. @Alex
      If nothing else it might bring a fair bit of attention to the problem

      Here is the Whois record. But I don’t know where the work is done.
      Billing ID:CR87479604
      Billing Name:Konstantin Stoyanov
      Billing Organization:411 Locals
      Billing Street1:2235 E Flamingo #113
      Billing Street2:
      Billing Street3:
      Billing City:Las Vegas
      Billing State/Province:Nevada
      Billing Postal Code:89119
      Billing Country:US
      Billing Phone:+1.7028453162

  7. I just got a call from them today wanting my business back, after I had left them for some very obvious reasons. They are now threatening to shut off my places ad that I had started before I went to them. I am in a day to day battle with their customers and it seems that Google has no time to control what they are doing. What if anything can be done to combat this issue?

    1. The only thing you can do is what poster HoskinsRick did… gather a comprehensive (as many as you can find) list of the Places listings that are bogus and post in the forums. If you get my attention, I will flag the list and bring it to Google’s attention.

      1. Hi there, I’m a current “client/victim” of 411 locals. I’m getting ready to leave them; I’ve already signed on with another. ANd they know of one they’re working with going through a lawsuit w 411 to try getting ownership of their Google stuff back with. So, I’ve no doubt I’ll be going through the same. I can cut off the credit card easily enough, and build a new site, but we’re talking years of reviews and building a relationship with Google, which does count for seo, or so I’ve been told by proclaimed experts.. So, just wondering if you have any advice for actions to take ahead of time to minimize what they will be able to do. etc. I wouldn’t let them create a “landing page” with a URL they control, so only let them do my “local” for my site on my own host, “Godaddy”, which they do NOT have access to. So they can’t change my site, but they can change my Google my business info and adwords campaign info, whether active or not I assume. I’ll be trying to get Google to give it to me themselves being as the “postcarrd” with the code was sent to me, at my address, with my co name on it. Will be hard to imagine how Google will NOT let me change it’s access passwords or get access to my past adwords analytics.. But again, any advice will be much appreciated. Did any lawsuits pan out? I was recently told by them that they legally could NOT optimize my site, but could build a new one for me and optimize that. (Just like their so-called landing pages.) But I’m surprised they didn’t jump at the chance to take it over as much as they could in any case.. It would be on a server they would never have complete control of that I couldn’t later lock them out of, which I guess is useless business to them. Doing exactly what they advertise is simply not worthwhile in their eyes! LOL
        My site is called Moldhackers so you can get a hold of me quite easily. All contact links, like clicking on the logo at the top are fwded to me and only me btw. Thanks! – Mike Cane

        PS – Also wondering if you have any contact info for anyone at Google I can take this to?

  8. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question (and yes, I did follow a number of the links appearing in the post and in the comments), but can anyone tell me a little bit more info about 411 Locals? I’ve never heard of the website/company/organization (or whatever it is) before, although I did find a website with a similar name that does contain 411 in the URL.

    Is this what/whom everyone is referring to?

    I do apologize for taking the discussion a step backward, but if anyone can fill me in on exactly who/what 411 Locals is/are and what it/they do (besides sabotage, if anything) I would be very grateful for the info.

  9. I used 411 Locals a year ago for about 3 months. I decided to leave them and they have done their best to ruin my company Image on line. They have changed my listings to several different companies, they have listed me under different company names and used bogus telephone numbers which in turn has mis directed my customers. When I spoke with them they informed me the web is a free domain and they can post what they like. I am 45 years old and been in business for 20 years. I have never seen a company that has the power to alter the outcome of my business income such as this company with absolutely zero regulation. I have now hired an attorney to look over all the info that I have and see if i can legally do any thing about it. They need to be hit with multiple law suits at the same time and force them to pay up for legal services and hit them where it hurts…

    1. I am with you!!! I advertised with them for three months and they have left me a one-star review which isn’t real because I wanted to leave them for advertising they have lied and it’s like Hotel California you can go in but you can never leave they try to destroy you!! Please Help!!! Lets do something about them!!

  10. I noticed a poster was wondering who the 411 local were. They are based out of Las Vegas and interesting enough, business owners must not complain to BBB…here is there listing, <a href="http://www.bbb.org/southern-nevada/business-reviews/marketing-programs-and-services/411-locals-in-las-vegas-nv-80312&quot;. Perhaps more businesses should complain. It gives the details of owner information.

    I would think that Google could remove their website from search results, but you can type in 411 locals and their website is still there!

  11. i am with 411 locals now and they did what they promised 1st page rankings, i am 1st page organic before but had no places at all , as i had unknowingly broke googles rules as for as this is concerned so google removed my places, so i paid 411 to try them, and in no time i had fake reviews whick i didnt know they were going to do, and the phone starteed ringing and i never forget the customer said: yall had some good reviews, so i called, i almost asked, reviews? i didnt know yet they put fake reviews on,so i was like, ok i see how this works, i need keyword reviews,hhhhmmm so i started asking my customers to put reviews , as i wanted real reviews as quickly as possible, well i have to admit 1st page top 3 places makes the phone ring, anyway it totally transformed my business, and this is a fake website i listed as i dont want them to know who i am still with them, anyway i lost my cr card which was auto monthly debited and they called me and asked for a payment and i was in no hurry to fix this as i let a few days go by i was on big job, and then strange things started to happen, i kept getting auto mated phone calls from computer software and it kept warning me of paymet due and it started harrassing me after another week, and then i programmed the number in my phone to avoid, and it started using local numbers from my area and a variety of numbers to harass me, and then it really started getting weird, it started using phone numbers that i had called and numbers of people who called me!!!!!!!!!
    this almost cost me a customer as it kept using this phone number that i had submitted a 3900. bid to and i started avoiding this number because it was automated stating : there is an overdue balance on you account: bla bla bla, then i kept gettting calls from this number and then i wouldnt answer and i checked my email, and my customer wanted to know why i wasnt answering phone? after they had sent me 1500.00 deposit to start job!!! i was freakin out!!!
    these people got the power to get numbers off your phone they know all numbers who call you and some how software use these numbers until it drives you crazy, to top it all off after a bout 2 wks of this my own phone number started calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    yes called id showd my number on phone i would answer and it would start automated message of overdue balance on account!!!!
    i felt like in i was in a movie kinda scary!!! they knew all my contacted numbers and could use them, so i checked my listing and noticed all my
    personal reviews had been removed, but they kept they’re fake ones on there, so i figured by this point they were some dirty people so good thing i copiedd and pasted all my reviews onto websites and on word document hahaha, well now they callled me after harrassing me to death and they started off nice and professional and said mr your cr card is not working any more do you have another one? i fussed at them and we they started laughing at the fact of me complaining about the phone calls especially my customers and friends numbers , i said that’s some amazing software yall got , i guess i have to pay yall but i hate the way you do business, and we started arguing, if only my fist could go thru the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate these people bus harass tactics, hold you hostage with non trackable software, just keep paying them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it does work, but if there are any FBI reading this : please set up a sting i have never experienced anything like this before, you cant tell who’s calling you, a friend , customer, your own id? so you have to answer the never ending phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM A COMPUTER

  12. YES MY STATEMENT SHOWS MY BILL GOES TO LAS VEGAS, MY ADVICE IS IT DOES WORK, BUT YOU MAY WANT TO USE A NEW PHONE NUMBER 1ST, IF YOU USE A PHONE NUMBER YOU HAVE BEEN USING AND THEY WANT TO SABOTAGE YOU, THEY CAN, I MADE SO MUCH MONEY FROM BEING TOP 2 OR 3 THAT i have to say no one else gaurantees this ranking, but how do you leave? these people, i was trying and i just couldnt take that chance even though i wanted to and told them that, i am thinking of getting new number and changing number on website , and yes they create fake address, they said it would work better, i dont know why, so 1 day google called me to confirm my address on street view and i just played along with them i mean for at least 5 minutes this guy stayed on [phone with me and was trying to find address and i said look i cant even find this address!!! just for fun of it i sent a letter to this address and it came back as a bad address, so i told google basically look i am not at a computer i dont have time for this and they were trying to verify my address and i didnt want them to remove this places account so i hung up on them, he was asking all kinds questions, is it a storefront?
    or a residence? does it have a sign on outside of bldg? aha now i know the reason 411 want to hook up a new phone number that forwards to your number, this has to be the way they access all your numbers and harass you with it and they probably use tracking data as an excuse but it can definitely be used against you,

  13. For everyone who is wondering here is their info:

    101 Convention Center Drive Suite #900 (between Las Vegas Blvd & Paradise)
    Direct Number:


    A little common sense would show you they post on craigslist all the time. lol

  14. These people at 411 locals are nothing but crooks and extortioners. I paid them for services for over a year and finally when my credit card expired I did not renew. When they hit me for 3 months “back debt” I told them I would pay when I could and sat down to write the check on 9/13 but decided to check the listing. Not only was the link to my website inactive which I don’t mind but my website cannot even be pulled up online. HOW in the hell do they have the power to do this????? Also how can I get my website back online? Like Chris I’ve been in the cleaning business for over 10 years in SW FLorida and realy on my website for office to office sales efforts.

  15. This is BS.. if you go to the BBB you will see that they have a Good rating. its really sad that the speculation is so in accurate with no facts behind the accusations. Not everyone is going to be happy with a company and usually will slander the name of a business or a person when they are unhappy more then likely because they did not do their part in a business partnership. This company has had the same merchant for over 6 years and any complaints submitted have been verified by BBB and resolved That speaks volumes. If this company was “crooks and extortioners” as someone in this blog mentioned, they would have been shut down a long time ago. In fact 411Locals communicates with Google all the time when activating Listings. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. its the internet.

    1. For some reason they changed my domain; and then they gave me another number for call forwarding; I don’t know how that thing is going to help to get customers. Changing domain to their own so they can have access to it might makes sense though. If they got more customers to any of you, it is good though. The site that they build for me is great though.

  16. So my wife had the unfortunate ability to be working for them. It is very obvious that the principal owner ( his name is Connie) Is just an bully. My wife was sick (lost her voice) and could not work her department and she asked to help a different department. He then said you must not like your job then demoted her $4 an hour just because he could. She was also in training for management and he still expects her to stay. What a joke. Now we are looking for a reputable company that she can actually nt feel like a criminal.

  17. Hi,

    I’m a freelance copywriter in Las Vegas, I do work for 411 all the time, they are one of my regulars.

    I’m in and out of their office often.

    They’re nice people.

    I’ve spoken to their web guys in Bulgaria.

    They all seem descent and genuinely concerned about getting their customers on top of Google business listings–and frankly seem too busy to be involved in the shenanigans they are accused of.

    My suspicion is most of these complaints are from individuals who stopped service but expected they would get to keep their Google ranking website and placement on Google maps (which 411 provided).

    The idea that you can go to a restaurant once and get food their for life is ridiculous,

    So is the idea they would continue to work for companies after that company stops paying.

    I think these complaints are more about people who don’t understand that SEO is a constant, it’s constant work. The work stops, your optimization goes down.

  18. They are extremely aggressive and will say and do anything so you can keep your account. Trust me you won’t get any results from their service.
    I was stupid enough to sign up without doing my research, DON’T LET THIS BE YOU!

  19. Dont work with this company , overall terrible experience using them for 3 months in 2013. They harass you, dirty sales tactics , impossible to cancel and daily random phone calls. This company tries to act professional but they are not. Dont give them your credit card they will charge hidden fees at thir liesure.

    411 local victim 2013
    Total loss $225

  20. I have used these Guys they set me up as a lawn service when I do shoreline erosion control / Boulder walls took them 3 months to change everythingI finally decided to cancel then they made me an offerto stay with them they wanted me to sign an agreement on line I did not then turn around started billing me and never cancelled the website that they builtI told them to cancel the site I’ll pay them the hundred five dollars I owe them and go awayso I did that then they call me back and said the bank refused to release the money to them

  21. I just got a call from 411 locals. I was asking the sales agent Bailey for the pricing information and she hung up on me. A few minutes later I got a call stating my Google listing had been modified. Sounds like sabotage to me.

    I called them back to get more information and again, they hung up.

    Is there a class action suit against them yet? If so, let’s go after these clowns.

  22. I have just been contacted by a sales person from 411 Locals and the experience, just in the sales call, was jarring.

    I was pushed, rushed and bullied to sign up for their service immediately – I was told I had nothing to think over or research. The sales person was rude, condescending and aggressive.

    The sales person talked at racing speed and I could barely get a question answered.

    This company will not get my business because if the sales people are rude and insulting, I do not trust them.

    I am glad I finally got off the phone so I could do the research.

  23. I guess my last comment was was like tried to pay them 105 dollars that they said I owed them through my wells fargo bank accountwhich is in online banking count that wells fargo watches for fraud they refuse to pay them I just received Email from them yesterday demanding that I pay them Now they want 454.00 dollars from me i emailed them back asking how’s It go from 105 dollars the 454 dollars in a couple of months for a website that I cancel back in sept slash octoberI contacted them an Asked them to remove the website because I have another website and I built on there also I have contacted the attorney generals office here in minnesota and filed a complaint on them because I don’t believe they will ever give up and let you go,this is the second company SEO company that’s Pulled this crap on me I have a third 1 contact me here this past week by the name of Yodle best time to checKed them out and its the same thing. I’m really tired of being a target it’s hard enough To make a living these days and as far is east people coming on the site claiming that were all Nuts writing about this company we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t true what we’re sayingand there’s many more the don’t even write their comments in here that been screwed over by them

  24. 411 Locals contacted me in October and made everything seem peachy on the phone. They talked about not having contracts and having the ability to cancel the account without any obligations within the first 30 days of service. I signed up. Within 3 weeks, I noticed that the response time when contacting a service representative, developer, etc.. was very slow and the quality of the website promised was below average at best. I’ve seen better websites and videos on free service websites. They seem to create completely fabricated testimonials on your website as well. They promised that the web site optimization really kicks in after 90 days. However, I decided to call and cancel within the first 30 days. A month later, my credit card was charged again. They also attempted to collect a fee a month after that. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and all of their recorded calls that had to do with me canceling in November mysteriously disappeared. They only produced copies of e-mails and texts stating that I did want the service (when I initially signed up). I lost the dispute with the credit card company because I could not produce anything proving I had called to cancel in November!! It is now May and I am still getting e-mails from 411 Locals asking me to either pay a ridiculous balance from back in December and threatening to send me to collections if I don’t. I received calls from one agent back in February when I was disputing promising to cancel my contract if I just paid the November charge and canceled the dispute with my card company because makes their company “look bad.” What makes your company look bad is luring customers with great promises of great looking websites and leads for your business. Throughout this entire ordeal the shabby website has been and I have YET TO RECEIVE ONE SINGLE CALL from any potential customers. How’s that for website optimization? If you are considering becoming a customer, please read this and DON’T DO IT!

  25. Oh boy! I got involved with 411 Locals as well and was scammed. At first everything seemed fine, then I just happened to check on my ads and found that they weren’t there. I called them and they corrected it. A few months later the same thing happened and I called and told them I wanted to cancel, they convinced me to stay and they again corrected the problem. When it happened again, I called and told them I had enough and they told me I owed another month as I just missed the billing period to cancel. Every time this happened I had to wait and get a postcard from google and give them some code off of it. They not only created false testimonials but they created false addresses and phone numbers for my business. Now I get triple the amount of telemarketers calling me as the fictitious numbers ring through to my phone. Since I did not pay them that last bill, they have now hijacked my business ads on google by claiming to be the business owner which I tried to convince google that I am the owner but my info doesn’t match their records. They have gone as far as to intercept customer phone calls of which I have to listen to a prerecorded message before I can connect to the customer. They call repeatedly harassing me for that last payment. I finally broke down and sent out the payment and at the same time I have contacted the FCC and filed an official complaint. Will have to wait and see what becomes of it. My advice to anyone is to STAY AWAY FROM 411 LOCALS….

  26. I had the misfortune of accepting the offer from 411 locals to place my business on the web. the theory was that I would pay them x$ for a minimum of 3 months and they would somehow get my name placed at the top of google and other websearch sites in the san Francisco area. I did not have a website at that time.
    no sooner had I agreed to have them do this when I was approached by them (and then another different company that I believe were working in tandem with them) and provided billing information thru amex. It turns out that I was being double billed for what turned out to be shoddy, unprofessional and inaccurate website and that I was only going to be placed on google first page if I extended my contract.
    I looked more closely at the website and decided that I would not continue the arrangement(s) I told them so just at the time that the amex card expired and I filed a complaint with amex, based on the double billing. amex filed a complaint with them on my behalf and did not honor any additional billing from either.
    I have been receiving garbled voicemail messages from them since , threatening to sue me. I have not responded, other than to ask them to remove the shoddy effort they had instituted. they refused to do so.

  27. I decided to join the forum and this is my first review with blumentals. There are a lot of topics that are being discussed. However, I decided to just share the experience I have with websites and such. This is just because I am a client of 411 Locals. Actually, I chose to hire them around 2 years ago after a phone call. For a budget price they created for me a website and the seo and mapping part. The site was pretty good for the time it took to be created. Because of the expanding of my business a new site with decent seo was needed. So, I decided to ask them once again to create a new site for me, that was optimized for mobile devices and mobile search. There were phone calls, emails to clarify my needs and so on. Finally, I was delivered a brand new site, well positioned in google. Well, as far as I am advised, the searching engines are changing the rules frequently and soon I will have to put additional efforts to stay on the first page. So, this is a must if I want to be visible and spottable.

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    Referred: Janie S Mayeron
    Case #: 0:14-cv-03016
    Nature of Suit 360 Torts – Personal Injury – Other Personal Injury
    Cause 47:153 Telecommunications Act of 1996
    Case Filed: Jul 28, 2014
    Terminated: Jun 16, 2015

    5, Hardy V Stoyanov and Hymas http://www.lawsuitdata.com/lawsuit-data/natures-of-suit/labor-lawsuits/fair-labor-standards-act/nevada-district-court/0000126649/hardy-v-stoyanov-hymas-et-al/lawsuit-summary/

    6. White v Stoyanov and Hymas http://www.lawsuitdata.com/lawsuit-data/natures-of-suit/torts-lawsuits/other-personal-injury/minnesota-district-court/0000674442/

    Yes, there are so many cases against 411Locals,com and we will be interviewing the Plaintiffs, the Attorney’s for the Plaintiff’s and MANY of the appx 5,000 paying clients (as of 2-22-2016) will be on camera. If you are one of the 70,000 people who receive letters from our attorney’s, please read the letter carefully and follow the claims process, otherwise you could be exempt from payment or reimbursement of any damages you sustained. All past employees will be receiving a letter to your last known address. If you are a current employee and have been told IN ANY WAY not to contact us, it is essential that you do indeed contact us, Your story, voice and on camera presence will be distorted to protect your identity.
    Again, we are modifying our website to handle this case. If you are a victim of this company either as a client or a former or CURRENT EMPLOYEE, then we want to talk to you.

    So, dial 702-518-2212 right now and tell us your story. Be sure to leave your email and your phone number. Leave your 411Locals Account Number if you have it.

    Thank you so much America for your assistance in this matter,

    The Western Capital Multimedia Studios Team
    Email is listed above by simply clicking REPLY
    Who is Robert Paisola? We sued Goldman Sachs for 100 Million Dollars and WON!
    Join Robert on Linked In (Get Constant Legal Updates on this case in Real Time)
    Join Robert on Facebook (Follow Robert Paisola in Real Time and Get the Latest Case and Media Updates
    What does Wikipedia have to say about Robert Paisola
    What does the National Media have to say about Robert Paisola
    How did we put the CEO of SKY LAS VEGAS in JAIL?
    How did we put the CEO of Nationwide Credit In Federal Prison
    How did The United States Congress know about the ACORN Investigation
    Why did Westgate CEO David Seigel loose more than 100 Million Dollars and Why did Consolidated Resorts (Tahati Village, etc) loose 1 Billion dollars and Why was their fraud bankruptcy dismissed for illegal conduct?
    -Disclosure, this is a pending investigation by a mass media provider. Any and all comments and questions may be sent to the above email address, however as the story develops, we will keep you posted, even though for legal reasons, many of the details of this case will not be released until the program is aired and the national media is made fully aware.


    legal@MyCollector.com RE: Class Action Litigation Team

    For our Filipino Friends:
    Nakarating na kailanman nagtrabaho o naging isang Client ng 411Locals.com – mababayaran! (Las Vegas) HINDI KAMI 411LOCALSFACTS.COM, A MEDIA ORGANIZATION Present Kami http://www.411LocalsFacts.com A Media Blog

    tayo ay mga sangkap ng 411localsfacts.com team

    Kami ay isang Pambansang Media Organization na ginagawa ng isang tampok cover story para mag-broadcast sa The A at E Channel. Kami ay naghahanap para sa dating mga empleyado ng isang kumpanya na pinangalanang 411Locals.com na nakabase sa Las Vegas, Cebu City sa mga taga-Filipos At Kliyente at Dating Kliyente ng organisasyong ito.
    (AKA Stoyanov AND Hymas)

    Ang aming mga kuwento ay nagtatampok kumpanya na, sa ilalim ng GOOGLE UMBRELLA, mayroon at convincing mga negosyo

    Ang aming mga kuwento ay nagtatampok kumpanya na, sa ilalim ng GOOGLE UMBRELLA, mayroon at convincing mga negosyo sa buong USA na gumastos ng pera sa Websites, Ad Words Campaign, isang ‘Five point Sales Package’ at ang pangako na ang kanilang mga negosyo ay sa FIRST PAGE NG GOOGLE .
    Gayundin 47 153 Telecommunications Act of 1996

    Kung sakaling ikaw ay isang manager, alam ng kumpanya na ito, Aaksyunan sa kumpanyang ito o nai-ugnay sa pamamagitan ng organisasyong ito sa isang pagsisikap upang manghingi sa iyong negosyo, kailangan namin upang makipag-usap. Mangyaring tawagan kami kaagad sa aming 411Locals Story Hotline sa 702-518-2212, Mag-iwan ng detalyadong mensahe at maikling ilarawan ang iyong pakikipagtulungan ng kumpanya.

    AY namin tawagan ka pabalik. Kuwento na ito ay nagtatampok ng Google Relasyon sa pagitan ng Google (GOOG) at 411Locals.com. Ang proyekto ay conceived sa pamamagitan ng Google sa labas ng ito ay Mountain View California Campus sa pamamagitan ng Lee Hunter at ang kanyang koponan. Ang 411Locals tatak ay pagmamay-ari at / o kaanib sa isang Nevada Based Organization na tinatawag Stoyanov AND Hymas Na matatagpuan sa 2141 Geronimo Way, Las Vegas NV 89,169

    Mayroon kaming libo-libo ng mga pahina ng data na ay ilalabas namin sa aming website http //www.WesternCapitalMultimedia.com at lahat 1000 ng aming mga kaakibat na site sa buong mundo.

    Ito ang ilan sa ang mga link ng Lawsuits na isinampa laban 411Locals.com

    1 Hardy v 411Locals.com http //www.law360.com/cases/4fec329de1a1452af30042b9

    para sa mga nagsasakdal at MANY ng appx 5,000 nagbabayad na mga kliyente (as of 2016/02/22) ay sa camera. Kung ikaw ay isa sa mga 70,000 mga taong tumanggap ng mga titik mula sa aming mga abogado, mangyaring basahin ang sulat mabuti at sundin ang claims proseso, kung hindi man maaari kang maging exempt mula sa pagbabayad o pagbabayad ng anumang mga pinsala mo matagal. Lahat ng nakaraang mga empleyado ay tatanggap ng sulat sa iyong huling kilalang address. Kung ikaw ay isang kasalukuyang empleyado at ay sinabi SA ANUMANG PARAAN hindi-ugnay sa amin, ito ay napakahalaga

    -Disclosure, Ito ay isang habang isinasagawa ang imbestigasyon sa pamamagitan ng isang mass media provider. Anuman at lahat ng mga komento at mga katanungan ay maaaring maipadala sa mga nasa itaas email address, gayunpaman bilang ang kuwento bubuo, kami ay panatilihin mo nai-post, kahit na para sa legal na dahilan, marami sa mga detalye ng kasong ito ay hindi inilabas hanggang ang programa ay aired at ang pambansang media ay ginawa ganap na kamalayan.

    411Locals, 411Locals.com, Attorney B. Golden Fisher, Business Wire, Call Center News, Google Partners, Konstantin Stoyanov, Nevada Class Action Lawsuit, Nevada Law, Rip Off Report, Roumen Todorov, Robert Paisola, Western Capital Multimedia, NBC Television, CNN International, Varna Bulgaria

  29. I know they outsource phone calls to the Philippines cuz I think it was back in November I had a girl contact me that is Filipino and said that she had moved to Vegas the her come up from Philippines cebu trying to get me to re sign up again to advertiseI advertise with them for one season they had built the website which was totally photos were totally wrong I fought with them for 6 months that I wasn’t a lawn care servicethey kept saying they change the photos never happen until the very end and I cancel them I think they spent like another two years chasing me around for money and trying to get me to re sign up again

  30. Yeah I had a run in with these basterds but our situation wasn’t so friendly lol. They told me they’re gonna charge me $1 put my website together and put as top listing on Google !!! I’m like WTH really, however I have a degree in Computer Programming. So I told them cool take the $1, however if you don’t make me any money with in the 30 days I will cancel my card on your ass and stop all none debit from my account. So I set a reminder in my calendar for 27 days and of course they BS me and I made no money didn’t even see my company on Google at that point. I went in the bank cancelled my debit card and stop all none debit and get drunk after work and wait for em to call so I can make fun of they’re ass and laugh.
    Fuck 411local they can eat a butt. I got emails and recorded calls.

  31. I talked with J Austin who is Manager at 411 Locals (866-889-0966 Ext 3296). He told me that they are giving very special offer to me as we are the first business in Canonsburg, PA. So they are giving me service for $1 for first month and $149.00 for further months. And there is no contract at all so anyone can terminate contract at any time. And even if I cancel my contract on 29th day I DO NOT HAVE to pay additional Penny. I called on 22nd day of contact to cancel my subscription. It took 37 minutes to get representative and first they try to make me fool saying they are unable to put me in contact with sales department. But after several argue they transferred me to Sales division. Finally they cancelled my enrollment but they charged me $104.40 with below message.

    You are also acknowledging the following services were provided by 411 Locals and will be eliminated as requested:
    Company profile in Google and Google +
    Domain name and Professional Marketing Website
    Business Facebook Profile
    Twitter profile
    YouTube Marketing Video
    Company profile from over 150 of the leading online directories.

    While the truth is I have my profile on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, domain name & website since years. And they never contacted me again nor sent details/link indicating what they have done so far.

    I have even the text message conversation where I clearly mentioned that I will be paying $1 for a month only. Here is the thing how they deceive customers. They will ask you to reply YES to their text message. But I replied with “I will pay only $1 for a month and so Yes I agree”. But they will then say our system can not except longer message so they will ask you to send another message with only 1 word “YES”.

    I did biggest mistake of my life by ignoring their reviews online. I requested BBB to step in and take pro-active actions to prevent future frauds.

  32. 411 locals and their affiliates are all scammers. They even have a little office called heart and weight Institute where they scam old people to buy bottled salt water claiming it to be liquid oxygen. They tell people it will cure all their health ailments. They slave work their employees and make them work for 5 dollars an hour. They write it off as bonuses. They have prejudice management and fire anyone who tells. They have lawyers that cover up all their lies and schemes. They process people’s orders in Bulgaria and the customers don’t know their cards are being processed over seas.

  33. I have this guy named Ron from 411 who keeps calling me. He tries to bully me into buying one of his sites, and I just had to send him a threatening email to back off. Any help with this scum would be appreciated.

  34. Hello,
    I get calls on my cel from pests like this every week. This time (I never answer their calls) I called them back and found out who they are and told them my phone is listed with the National Do Not Call Registry https://www.donotcall.gov/
    The lady said I would be getting $100 from Google and Google had already let me know about this. I then told her I have a google account, and they’d never stated anything about it, that I was listed on the Do Not Call list, and that I would report them.
    I then called them back (from a blocked number) and got a different person, who sounded Philippina but wasn’t able to hide her accent. I know a philippine accent very well, and it’s instantly recognizable to me. So I’m pretty sure their farming out their phone work. Maybe they can get around laws (if there are any) because of it.
    They will be reported.
    I also recommend using http://www.nomorobo.com which I use for my house phone. Unfortunately, they don’t cover TracFone numbers like mine and I have to use TF’s app called CallDetector, which doesn’t stop the cel from ringing after the first ring like NoMoRobo does. NMR is pretty slick and is free, it cuts sales calls to the landline like nobody’s business, if the call keeps ringing after 1 to 1 1/2 rings it’s almost always a legitimate caller.
    I hope this is helpful to you.
    Best Regards.

  35. I gave this company a 1 because I could not go any lower. Here is the break down of what they do.
    1. They take over your companies image spread it all over the web, they do not care if the info is wrong. They got addresses wrong, phone numbers, etc. The great part is you can not even fix it because on the web the “business” is their’s. They have registered it so it is extremely hard to take it back. Over a month 4 hours a day 5 days a week and I am still swimming up stream.

    2. When they “maintain” your social media accounts what that means is they write false reviews. They literally copy and paste false reviews over and over. When you look at my companies reviews they all read the exact same, and I mean exact same punctuation errors and everything. So for prospective new clients I look like a joke.

    3. Now here comes what sold them to me in the first place, me being a small buisness owner, NO CONTRACT you can cancel at any time. I am going on month 6 and I am still getting calls with them telling me that have no knowledge of me trying to cancel, and I see no end in site.

    So if you have a chance to go with this company run, and run fast they will ruin you, it is not their buisness they do not care about you. My suggestion educate yourself. THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS DON’T GIVE IT AWAY FREELY

  36. These folks have called me a number of times – so I took a look.

    All the 4-star reviews for this business appear false. They follow the same format, are clearly written by the same people, and contain no verifiable information. And…what “proud business owner” does not name their business in a yelp review? Apparently all who wrote 4 star reviews for 411Locals. Hmmmmm….. So, I took a closer look …

    Basic warning signs that you may not be dealing with a real or ethical company:

    1. Spoofed phone lines & non-verifiable 800 numbers
    2. No verifiable physical business address or mailing address
    3. Misleading business address or mailing address
    4. No verifiable company contacts or business information
    5. No listing of ownership, leadership or employees
    6. Boiler plate documents with no listed contact information or business affiliation: Term of Service, Agreements, Privacy Policies, etc…

    C’mon, YELP?!? This business has no listed VBA, there are no verifiable business contacts, all their phones are spoofed, and their listed address (here and on their website) is a small conference room for rent to the public by a separate business as a virtual meeting room.

    My opinion…tread cautiously ….

  37. This company pressured us into going with them for advertising and SEO. When I finally decided to go with them we worked with them for about a year. During this time we had numerous phone calls discussing how I wanted/needed my website and the type of key words I needed. They never seemed to understand what I was saying and had very uncommon terms for my field listed in my website and google advertisement. I then cancelled my account with them and they took all of my good reviews down and left 1 illegitimate review that is bashing my company on google. This company is very unprofessional and you’d be way better off finding somebody with enough competence to understand what you’re company is all about.

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