Google Adds Plus to Search Suggestions

Google seems to be adding Plus content just about every place these days and folks are none too happy about it. It seems that they have now added it to the search suggestions as well (this may have been seen perviously but this is the first I had seen it.). Now that’s annoying…and it gets more so the more people you follow on Plus.

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One thought on “Google Adds Plus to Search Suggestions”

  1. Sergey, “Um was that a shark we just jumped?”
    The World, “Yes!”

    My prediction now: One of two things happens. Either they undo this new search alg OR in a few months it starts coming out that new Google+ growth has stalled and declined.

    Overall this is a great update from Google’s perspective. It would create a very valuable, to advertisers, interface that would allow “liked”, oh wait that is “+”, businesses to advertise directly to those consumers who favor them. Problem is that consumers hate to be openly taken advantage of. This will end badly for Google.

    (I know I know… another anti-Google post but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then…)

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