Google’s Talkbin Special: $1/Mo. Per Location

Last week Google while rolled out new Talkbin features and also reduced its price for the month of December by 80% The monthly price for the anonymous feedback service was lowered from $25/mo per location to $5/mo. per location. Tonight in my inbox I received notice of an new promo, pricing the product at $1/mo. per location…. a 96% reduction.

The product, a very slick text based customer feedback tool, is positioned by Google as the next generation of customer service and at a dollar a month becomes a no-brainer for any bricks and mortar business looking to improve customer feedback.

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Google's Talkbin Special: $1/Mo. Per Location by

7 thoughts on “Google’s Talkbin Special: $1/Mo. Per Location”

  1. Sign me up. Thanks for posting this Mike. What a great way to collect customer feedback.

    I didn’t read the whole thing. Is it “just” a two-way messaging system for your customers? Or is it also an avenue for the customer to leave reviews?

  2. Jim – it’s a private, two-way communication channel. There’s nothing to prevent that communication from including reviews (providing feedback is one of the primary ideas), but those reviews are not public and not attached to a Place page, for example.

  3. I guess it’s nice that it’s finally $1, but there are slicker solutions out there such as OwnerListens that are free! Not at as many locations yet but looks great – I’ll prob go with it for my restaurant even though this $1 price tag is a “96% reduction”.

  4. We signed up for Talkbin and used the betaselect code, could not find mention of expiration anywhere and we did look. We shared it with a friend and they just responded that when they signed up the website is now showing an expiration of 12/31/11. Two weeks doesn’t give you very long to test out something like this.

  5. @Jake

    When I read the flier:
    To thank you for your early interest in TalkBin we’re giving you TalkBin for just $1 per location per month (normally $25 per month). Just sign up with promo code BETASELECT before 12/31/2011 to get started.

    The $1 pricing doesn’t end just the opportunity to procure it does. Not sure if that is the case

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