Google Integrating Author Information Results with Google Plus in main SERPS

I know that Google has been integrating author results in the main search for a while and late last month tweaked those results with the addition of circles . But Google is now linking the Author Information image in the main search directly with recent Google Plus posts in a results much like the Plus Places integration seen earlier in the week. Unlike the local results which were in Places but not the Main results, this integration is occurring in the main search results.

To see the results search on an author with author information like Matt McGee and then click directly on the author photo to see the integration with the Posts in the search results:

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Google Integrating Author Information Results with Google Plus in main SERPS by

5 thoughts on “Google Integrating Author Information Results with Google Plus in main SERPS”

  1. The only thing that I find surprising…or rather disturbing… Is that Google is monopolzing the search results. There is no reason why the post above should include Matt’s plus account image when it would make more sense to use his Twitter account.

    This the same when Google choices to link a plus account rather than a Facebook account on a businesses places page.

    I don’t like this.

  2. The future for search: If Google cannot associate a website with a specific person or organization that site will not be entitled to be in the SERP’s.

    Not saying that’s a good thing, because it is NOT. But it looks like that is what is coming.

  3. When I set up my author rel profile a few months back, whilst the snippet was approved, further down the confirmation it revealed that Google would not be using snippets for my website because it was an organisation, ie my business is a limited company here in the UK.

    I had first seen this when I tried to set up the customer review WordPress plugin that was supposed to get Google to index and list snippets of people’s testimonials.

    Has anyone seen the little faces appearing against websites for businesses or is it just the great and the good with separate social media or local seo type blogs?

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