Dependable Locksmith Back in The Business of Deceit

I was surprised to learn that Dependable Locksmith, raided in late 2009 by the Feds and sued by the attorney general in Missouri earlier that year , was still in business and still using their “standard” business model of bait and switch. It does not speak well of our regulatory or legal environment that known crooks and charlatans with a profile like theirs could continue to operate in the exact same way.

It is unclear to me how folks in Orlando are finding them, that wasn’t made clear in the Action 9 story, but it doesn’t appear to be Google.

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Dependable Locksmith Back in The Business of Deceit by

4 thoughts on “Dependable Locksmith Back in The Business of Deceit”

  1. Hi Mike!
    As a locksmith i can tell you, it is from Google!
    I am actually from Miami, and if you want to see some “great” fights between Locksmiths (spammers, and shop owners)
    you should checkout “Miami Locksmith” search in Google.

    Its crazy here, so much spam, so much dirt, Google does not delete any of the spam reviews people write, so companies started writing bad stuff on each other, and positive reviews for themselves!

    Even our little shop got some hit, but i do not want to be exposed to get more spam in my Google place.
    Our business have lots of accounts and regulars, we really dont trust or want to depend on Google.

    Would love to hear ur take about this!


    1. @Big Joe

      I searched Google Orlando for locksmiths and was unable to find Dependable… can you show me a search where you find them? Maybe they are under a different name.

      Fake reviews are a huge issue and one that Google has not dealt with. Certainly it makes sense to diversify your marketing so that you are not dependent on any one company.

  2. Google Maps Search

    One easy way is to do a search of City+Loc.ksmith
    Orlando Loc.smith
    Chicago Loc.ksmith
    Indianapolis Loc.ksmith

    As you know its hard to have the term “Locksmith”, so for some reason they have some of the categories Loc.ksmith.
    They operate with different names, you will not find them as “Dependable Locksmith”, but all these numbers will direct you to their call center.
    They use to have “Loc.ksmith” in miami area as well, but were deleted (maybe Via Map Maker? not sure)

    They are smart, and have the money to spent, so they will always find a way to spam their way to a desperate customer, it use to be 411, Phone Books, and now Google…

    I am telling you Mike, i have seen it all.
    The only way is to relay on good service and work with Yelp, FaceBook, City Search, But Google is just a mess!

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