How Much Does ATT Suck? Let me count the ways

I decided to order a new iPhone 4s today.

I thought that the most hassle free order method was to just go to my local ATT store. It was the obvious choice. There is never a line, the staff is friendly. The affable salesman knows me by first name and is an avid iPhone owner himself. I could be catered to and I wouldn’t have to think too hard. I thought how can I go wrong?

Not to worry. With ATT there is always a way.

The choices offered to me by ATT:
1)I could preorder and wait for 3 weeks for delivery or
2)I could come in next Friday and stand in line or
3)Since I am consulting in Phoenix next Friday, I could stand in line there.

As my son would say: Yea right.

I pulled out my iPhone while standing frustrated at the ATT sales counter & went to the Apple site. It suggested I download the app, which I did. Within 3 or 4 minutes I had preordered my iPhone. I asked my salesperson (who I felt really sorry for) to advise the chain of command of the outcome.

ATT? #fail. I should have known better.

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How Much Does ATT Suck? Let me count the ways by

13 thoughts on “How Much Does ATT Suck? Let me count the ways”

  1. I also ended up ordering directly from Apple. On the AT&T website they seemed to be trying to charge me tax on the full value of the phone rather than the subsidized price.

  2. Go to Verizon! I used to be a customer of ATT and will never go back. Shoddy customer service, dropped calls, mistakes everywhere…. boooo. I’ve been on the Verizon iPhone for almost a year and don’t think I have one complaint (knocks on wood).

    I did, however, get my iphone from the apple store. Not sure if this has anything to do with me being happy with the product. I’m definitely waiting until next year to upgrade. This 4s stuff is bogus.

  3. After finding out that I accidentally ordered a new iPhone as a new customer (that’s what I get for getting on the computer while on Ambien), I had to call and cancel and reorder. The ATT CSR said I will receive it on the 14th.

  4. @Chris
    I might very well have received the phone in a timely fashion. The clerk was telling me what he was told and perhaps he didn’t have full information. Regardless, it was very frustrating.

  5. I wonder if you reported AT&T closed whether they might overnight you one just to have you back off. 😉 AT&T customer service (around here, at least) is what has kept me away from purchasing an iPhone through them. I’ve been pretty happy with my iPhone/T-moblie combo, but may have to check out Verizon as the thought of paying full price again is a little off-putting.

  6. @Miriam

    Its not “the man” I object to, its bad service (well I do have a fairly large complaint with capitalism but that is another story). ATT just didn’t have their act together and they should have. Fortunately there was an alternative.

    In that alternative is a good lesson for Google… you can automate IF it works. Otherwise you need people.

    I am too involved with ATT to easily split PLUS Verizon is really no better. Different ar*%&holes for sure but still ar*%&holes.

  7. Then there’s the whole thing about being the ‘the man’, Mike, or at least ‘the professor’…but you’re not that man, I know, and am in sympathy with your occasional swats at capitalism.

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