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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Senator Franken Shilling for Google?

Update 7:30 pm: The Google video of Al Franken has “Embedding disabled by request”. Sorry but for reasons that are not totally clear, you will need to head over to YouTube to view this video. Are there any conspiracy theorists in the house?

Update 8:17 pm: Apparently, according to @AlanBleiweiss they have also disabled comments.

Update 9/29: Well at least someone had the smarts to reenable embedding. You don’t need to make a story out of the story itself.

Ok. Here’s the question.

How inappropriate is it to have one of the Senators that is overseeing Google’s Antitrust hearing in the senate, shill for the Google Getyourbussiness online program?

Yes, it is a good cause but it certainly raises the specter of a conflict. Bad idea all the way around. It further trivializes an already trivial activity.