Google Places – Flakiness and New Display

Reports have been coming in about flakiness in the verification process. Optilocal reported earlier in the week issues with service area and he also noted several users having reported temporary issues with phone verification which Google reports is fixed(Image from Michael Borgeit of, frequent system errors (We’re sorry but we are unable to server your request). I have also noticed issues with verified listings not showing up in Places in a timely manner.

Steve King from spotted this change to the Places page. Although one presumes with all of these other quirks that more significant changes are likely on the way.

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Google Places - Flakiness and New Display by

3 thoughts on “Google Places – Flakiness and New Display”

  1. I’ve got at least one service client (at least one – I’m afraid to look at the others) that has reverted back (at least at the Dashboard | Edit view level) to “No – all customers come to this location…” for areas served.

    I’ve tried to change this 3 times and it will not “stick”. However, the searches that I do in the areas where I have previously specified for their service areas are still doing well.

    The carnival game “Whac-A-Mole” comes to mind here. Like I have nothing better to do with my time than to continually babysit changes that should be set in stone in a database and not EVER messed with…

    Insert *pounding-head-against-brick-wall-emoticon* here.

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