More Staff Changes At Google Places

Salahuddin Choudhary, who replaced Carter Maslan  as a Product Manager for Places for Business in early June, has announced his departure from Google on his Google+ stream. He had been a product manager at Google since 2007. He noted: “Had an incredible 4 years and can’t wait for some of the amazing launches team Google has planned”. Prior to working at Google Salahuddin was an engineer at Apple and notes on his profile that he remains an Apple Fanboy.

The public announcement of Carter’s resignation  from the position was on June 22. He joined Google in roughly the same timeframe as Salahuddin. He is now working on a new project, Camiolog, that will be “a video monitoring service that archives network camera imagery for smart notifications and easy viewing.”

While Carter was at Google, he was the voice of Maps/Places in the market Place. Not as present as we may have liked but accessible to interviews and available for show presentations. Salahuddin did not even have time to fill that role. Who will become the new public face of Google Places? It could use one.

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6 thoughts on “More Staff Changes At Google Places”

  1. Agreed. Google — Hire Mike B. already. Even though I doubt you could afford him and he would have to be able to stay in Olean and have free reign to rant on his upper management.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mike! Hopefully we can get somebody to fill that role that will be more interactive in the GP community. I have a client who has an optimized Places page, but somehow Google arbitrarily/accidentally removed their website from their listing. So I went into the dashboard to fix it… and guess what? The website hyperlink is still listed there! GP is definitely quirky. Hopefully, when G+ for bizs rolls out, they will give GP a makeover too!

  3. @Mike
    I am still waiting patiently to hear the offer. 🙂

    Try resaving the listing making a small change and see if that brings the URL back

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