Google Hiring Sales Staff in Seattle for Large Scale SMB Acquisition

Thanks to Chris Reilly of Unleashed Online Marketing for this heads up. Google has posted job openings for Sales Manager and Sales Reps for the Seattle area apparently to focus on “Google’s new Commerce related businesses, such as Google Offers, through large-scale SMB acquisition programs“.

From the Sales Manager listing:

The area: Business Operations and Strategy, Commerce Sales

The Commerce Sales team plays a critical role in growing Google’s new Commerce related businesses, such as Google Offers, through large-scale SMB acquisition programs. Our culture mirrors that of a start-up, as we’re working to create and scale Google’s next billion dollar businesses. We are a group of high-performing, like-minded team players that thrive on individual autonomy, product mastery and operational excellence.

The role: Field Sales Manager, Commerce Sales

As a Field Sales Manager, Commerce Sales, you will not only be responsible for managing Field Sales Reps in a few different markets, but also may be called upon to drive sales while the team is scaling. Your team will be selling Google’s Commerce solutions into the small and medium size business segment. You will develop knowledge of account representatives’ performance, effectiveness, and proficiency through ongoing direct and indirect coaching methods.


  • Be responsible for the entire sales process from first contact to close
  • Effectively manage sales pipeline and develop a strategy for long-term client relationships.
  • Understand the marketing needs of SMBs.
  • Present and articulate advanced product features.
  • Close sales and achieve monthly targets.


  • Bachelors degree preferred and/or equivalent work experience.
  • At least 2 years field/outside sales experience, daily deals space preferred.
  • Proven success in cold calling and field sales.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to secure new clients by presenting customized solutions.
  • Strong knowledge of SMBs advertising needs.
  • Extremely proactive and organized with a track record of success in a team environment.
  • Proficiency with preferred.
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8 thoughts on “Google Hiring Sales Staff in Seattle for Large Scale SMB Acquisition”

  1. My thoughts on this whole transition… first some background. We have built and launched a business directory focusing on one vertical market. This market is under-represented online and there are some very unique characteristics that potential customers look at when deciding on one of these businesses. We have spent a lot of time, energy, and money developing this website.

    In looking to market the website the obvious first choice, given my background and expertise, would be SEO but I am a little worried. With the new roll-out of the stuff I could fully optimize my directory listings to absolutely rock search results but at what cost?

    If Google is no longer just a search engine but has suddenly become a competitor who scrapes this schema coded information from my website and utilizes it in their search results what advantage do I get? They use my data for free and work to ensure that consumers stick to their Google Places pages for coupons and deals?

    As you, Mike, have been so good at demonstrating the new Hot Pot mobile interface is going to make Google the clear Review winner so my only valuable commodity are these unique characteristics within my vertical that we have collected and categorized (at some points manually for over 9000+ businesses so far).

    With Google now hiring up a sales force and rolling out marketable tools to the SMB audience I have to ask… is Google really a search engine focused on cataloging the world’s information? Or are they an advertising company utilizing free access to other companies data to sell ad space around and within it?

  2. @Jim
    My iPhone would have to be pried from my cold, dead hands 🙂


    You need to add transaction platform to the equation as well…. I think Google is moving towards making Places a place where appointments can be made, hotels booked, airfares bought… again as ad revenue of sorts…

    So you face the classic dilemna that ALL start ups in local face …. but just so you realize Google has been a competitor right along…. how much data to make available to Google and how to monetize that data….

    In the end, I think you need to be able to add enough value that your income is enhanced by Google stealing your data… ie you need a revenue stream that is not easily attacked by Google.

  3. So they are moving to seattle! It’s ok maybe i’ll get in touch with my friends from google seattle and i’ll be hired too. (or not) I’ll give a try.

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