30% of all Restaurant Queries on Google Are Mobile

In a very good online webinar that Google offered called Are You Mobile Ready? they shared some interesting internal data on the percentage of mobile queries. The charts show the % of mobile queries to total search queries from January 2007 through January of this year. Previously Bing had noted that as many as 50% of all restaurant queries are mobile.

In Google’s data the % of mobile queries as a % of total queries range from 15% in the insurance industry to almost 30% in restaurants. It is interesting but not surprising that Christmas peaks are obvious in the consumer electronics chart.

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restaurant mobile search queries

insurance mobile search queries

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30% of all Restaurant Queries on Google Are Mobile by

3 thoughts on “30% of all Restaurant Queries on Google Are Mobile”

  1. It’s amazing how quickly mobile search has exploded, but i guess it makes sense as people are usually on the run and want to find something ‘instantly’. Not surprising restaurants have the highest percentage of online searches. Lots of web developers do not consider designing sites for mobiles, but it is becoming more crucial each day!

  2. Like Candis says, it isn’t surprising that mobile search has exploded.
    With more people buying smart phones and ipads, ipods and other tablet type devices, pretty soon that’ll be the majority of searches… for just about everything…
    Although I think location based queries will always be greater than other types of queries. It just makes sense.

  3. I’m writing this comment on an iPad. Ipads are in the mobile device category, but are really like mini-laptops to most people. With the exception of Flash, full size websites look great on the iPad. I do lots of shopping on my iPad via Paypal and other merchants. My point is that “mobile” as a category doesn’t really make sense to me. Some sort of segmentation based on screen-size or device functionality would be more useful for developers.

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