The Future of Shopping? Get Coupons, Scan, Buy & Check Yourself Out via iPhone

iPad Grocery Shopping appThe MIT Technology review put up a video about an iPhone app created by Modiv Media that lets grocery store customers “scan items while they shop, presents them with personalized offers as they go, and speeds up their checkout” by transmitting the completed order to the register. The app and system is currently being deployed by the supermarket chain Stop & Shop at its 375 stores in the North East.

From the Modiv Media site: “From check-in to check-out, they expect a seamless experience that provides them value. Value that is delivered through personalized offers, the ability to shop and scan with their smartphone and self-checkout that’s fast and without waiting in line. And, in return, they’ll spend more, 10% – 17% more.”

The MIT article noted:

The app uses data from the loyalty card to present offers based on the user’s past purchases and current location in the store. It works in addition to the existing loyalty program, offering savings on top of the deals already advertised on store shelves.

When the user has finished shopping, the app sends information about the contents of the shopping cart to the store’s point-of-sale system. The user can go to any register, scan the loyalty card, and pay for the order.

Modiv Mobile provides retailers with a white-labeled platform on which to build a personalized shopping app that is integrated with your POS and targets offers based on data from your loyalty program or customer data.

Let me know if you think this is the future of grocery (all?) shopping?

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The Future of Shopping? Get Coupons, Scan, Buy & Check Yourself Out via iPhone by

4 thoughts on “The Future of Shopping? Get Coupons, Scan, Buy & Check Yourself Out via iPhone”

  1. Is this similar to AT&T’s Code Scanner? You may be getting ‘savings’ from all the coupons and deals but you might actually be spending more on some things you don’t actually need. Hmm…

  2. Hi Mike,

    I thought this would be coming soon. The first question I have. What type of verification or validation do you have of what is actually in the cart. This could easily be compromised, simply by not scanning everything in your cart. I think eventually everything has some type RFID strip for verification. When you bring your cart to the checkout, the scanner identifies everything in your cart and then processes your purchase.

    This technology is already being used to verify the contents of trucks coming into distribution centers.

    Dave Jabas

  3. @Heidi
    ATT Code Scanner is but a small part of the equation… this product is integrated into not only the coupon side but the pos and inventory side of the equation.

    Well at BJ’s they have a single person at the door counting items against the invoice whether you use the staffed or self check out…but that one person covers the output of about 10 registers… So while this system wouldn’t get rid of everybody, it would eliminate some cashiers.

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