Google Places Dashboard: Widespread Reports of System Error

Update 3/9 10:50: The error messages continue to be reported in the forums this morning. The most recent was at 9:39 AM. Google has yet to make a public statement about the error. Obviously, the two beers I suggested yesterday was not enough, or perhaps not enough folks with the problem followed the suggestion. I am upping the ante to 4 beers. (However any errors in judgement this might cause are solely the responsibility of the user).

There have been numerous reports in the forum this afternoon of the message:

System Error
We’re sorry, but we are unable to serve your request at this time.
Please try back in a few minutes.

Google has not used this message as a spam response in quite a long time, so the presumption is that the System is down. Take two beers and check in with me in the morning.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Places Dashboard: Widespread Reports of System Error by

19 thoughts on “Google Places Dashboard: Widespread Reports of System Error”

  1. While working on clients Places listing I just got that error msg too. I guess I will take your suggestion and stop and have a beer.

  2. I can confirm that this message isn’t a a problem of spam.
    A lot of users reporting same issue on German maps forum today while trying to request for verification process. It seems to make no difference which kind of verification you choose or if you like to re-verify an existing, verify an grabbed or creating a new entry on lbc.
    First report was around 12:00 german local time and since that time a lot of users reporting same problem.
    There are no reports about problems during login or accessing dashboard or other functions. Verification-process effected only in last step after choosing verification-method.
    Hope it will be fixed asap.

  3. okay.. i still got the problem “system error”.. now, i don’t even know how much beer i drank. maybe google has too much beer on their system.

    please please please google, fix the error.

  4. I called google tag rep and asked if they had an ETA as to when this issue is going to be fixed and got an ETA of: 1 – 3 P.M. PST today. However, I wouldn’t hold him to it…. let’s wait and see..

  5. I like the timing of last nights monthly Google Places Newsletter:

    Welcome to our latest newsletter. We’re sending this to you to keep you updated on our latest features and provide tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Places account. We hope you enjoy it.

    We also want to notify you of a technical error that has affected the Places Dashboard statistics from Feb 18 onward. We apologize for any inconvenience while we work to get you the freshest data possible. Thank you for your patience.

  6. @Jeffrey

    I got several of those but totally missed the irony…. no data since the 18th, on going issues with pending messages, the system error… lots of rich irony

  7. Oh Hey ~ i just attempted to validate via phone and did receive the error message. Then I simply clicked on the word “Places” in the upper left of the page and the page updated correctly. I’ve done this successfully several times before. All is good at the moment.

  8. What is *loc: and why is it coming up on so many search results?

    Top search queries
    Query Impressions
    1. * loc: 319

  9. I see this in my google places dashboard. I’m guessing only, but perhaps it is a a generic mobile device search for things around your LOCation.

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