Google Places Mobile Option to Only Show Open Businesses

Google Places Search on the iPhone and Android now offers an option to show only business that are open. The feature is available in Places search and filters out not just restaurants that are closed but restaurants for which Google is not confident of their hours. I performed the following search yesterday afternoon for Restaurant Spokane:

All Places:

Only Open Places option selected:


It is not totally obvious from the screen shot but the ranking was significantly altered when the top two Places listing completely disappeared. Not because they were actually closed but because the listings were not claimed and Google had been unable to find their hours elsewhere on the net.

Bing recently noted while presenting at the GetListed Portland seminar that 50% of all restaurant queries are now originating on mobile phones. If that fact and this feature is not enough to motivate business owners to claim their listing and populate it with accurate information, I am not sure what is.

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9 thoughts on “Google Places Mobile Option to Only Show Open Businesses”

  1. @Dennis

    That’s one way to deal with the hours… although with local being so immediate and the user likely to be in close proximity that seems a risky strategy…unless of course you are a locksmith 🙂

    Review management and monitoring is becoming more important every second, eh?

  2. It’s little subtle distinctions like this that belie the ease of use of Google products. At first glance you just enter some info into a form and that should be it. But if a business isn’t paying close attention to these fine points then they will pay dearly.

  3. Dear Lior (from Google)

    This is the big mouth (what is the blog commentator equivalent of a big mouth? ie someone with hundreds of comments in Mike’s blog 😀 )

    I copied the above article and gave it to an SMB owner of a restaurant. I’ve been bugging/nagging/suggesting he claim his listing in Google Places for months and months.

    He has been reluctant to do so. Ultimately he doesn’t have great trust in Google (big brotherish….don’t know). (btw–that didn’t come from me) 😉

    After he read the above article he claimed the listing in about 15 minutes. It was easy. Google instantly confirmed by phone.

    So, Lior; chalk one up for me, helping you guys get one nervous SMB to claim a google places listing.

    Now why don’t you do something for us…..maybe fix something…toote suite!!!

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