Updated Google Interface Rolling Out?

Is this a test or a rollout? I am seeing this subtly different interface on all Google properties.

Is anyone else seeing?

Click to view larger:

Barry Schwartz just pinged me to let me know that it is a test first seen last week. It is however being reported in New Zealand and Denmark.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Updated Google Interface Rolling Out? by

18 thoughts on “Updated Google Interface Rolling Out?”

  1. I’ve seen it all day. It comes with an option to change to an igoogle gui; I’m in the DC mid atlantic region.

  2. I have this interface on my desktop PC for like 2 months. It looks slightly better but the drop-down menu at the right corner brings me some pain.

  3. Not sure how I could have missed this and maybe it’s the new layout. Has Google always shown my maps and PPC in the right hand bottom column within the listing? Who knows, maybe it’s late…

  4. I’m in Saudi Arabia
    I started to see the new interface on some services since Tuesday.
    I like it epically the new tap on the far upper right corner.

    good job Google 🙂

  5. First noticed it around Monday. All my accounts have it. It is not on all Google properties yet. Books, News, Calendar, reader and Docs don’t yet have it. I am in Australia

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