How to Tell a Boost Ad from an Adwords Ad with Location Extensions

Google recently announced that they would now display Adwords ads with Local extensions with an associated push pin and a place the Map.

The display format of the ad is very similar but not the same as a Boost ad. There are two differences: On an Adwords ad, the title of the ad can be anything not just the business name and the push pin contains a letter not just a dot.

Click to view larger with the Map:

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How to Tell a Boost Ad from an Adwords Ad with Location Extensions by

11 thoughts on “How to Tell a Boost Ad from an Adwords Ad with Location Extensions”

  1. I think the following is true?

    If your running Adwords & Boost. Both ads will not display at same time. I.E. 2 positions on one search page

    The big difference between blue balloons: Adwords balloon typical will display for specific town only. Boost balloon will display for entire geographical area that’s set in Google Place account I.E. 20 mile radius

  2. You had some terrific commentary a while back as to experiences with boost ads.

    Anyone want to update on how boost ads are running vis a vis adwords?

  3. Great post. I am also noticing some red balloons with the dot in the middle and the link below the Place Name goes to their Place Page. I am guessing that is Boost as well.

  4. @Mike

    I will email you two screenshots. One with Red balloon with black dot and another with red circle and black dot. Plus, I am seeing a lot of geo-targeting keywords stuffed in Place Name instead of biz name, which is a no-no per Google Place’s rules.

  5. A couple of questions:

    – can a boost ad direct traffic to a specific page on the target site? Or only the home page? (Or, worse, only the Places page?)

    – is a Boost ad as expensive as the adwords equivalent?

  6. Does anyone know the relative merits of initiating a Boost campaign in concert with a well optimized Adwords campaign? I know that two ads will not show on the same page, and it seems like a well thought out Adwords campaign should obviate the need for Boost. On the other hand, it may be worth it for the Maps exposure if Boost will enhance the Maps presence in a larger geographic service area. Also, unlike Places, does it integrate into Analytics for accurate measurement? I’d like to hear any actual experiences. Thanks.

  7. I had one of our techs tell our sales person about Boost. Looks exactly the same to me. Boost looks like AdWords for Dummies to me, just runs on the categories listed from the Places account, CPC seems about the same as what we pay in AdWords.

    Does anyone have any info about the CTR of Boost v. Extensions?

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