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The next GetListed Local University is coming up shortly: Portland on Tues, February 22 at the downtown Gerding Theater at the Armory.

Getlisted U has been a fun event for me. I get to work with lots of great folks and present directly to small business people.

One of the things about GetListed Local U of which I am particularly proud is that there is absolutely NO selling and NO pitching by any of the presenters, sponsors or attendees.

None of the speakers are doing this gig for leads. In fact just the opposite in that we hope to leave the attendees in the hands of competent local SEO’s that can ethically guide them through the process of online marketing. That frees us all to say exactly what we think (you know how shy I am about that) and to create an incredibly open, welcoming space where ideas can be freely shared.

This comment that came from our recent Birmingham event reinforced our practice:

I was expecting a sales pitch, but it never came. The instructors all showed passion for their topic. No questions were side-stepped or dodged. I can’t wait to start using what I learned today.
— Nicholas A. Kopp

Why am I telling you all of this? Most of the readers of this blog are professionals and I want to encourage you to bring your clients to our Portland event using our Agency Package “7-Pack” at the discount price of $399 for seven tickets.


  • Over 50% off each ticket (normally priced at $129)
  • Additional tickets beyond the seven are available at the reduced rate
  • Increased credibility among clients & attendees
  • Inclusion of your logo & website mention as a Local U featured participant
  • Special reserved seating at event
  • Inclusion of your company/organization logo in rotating partners deck
  • Networking with presenters and other attendees
  • Our special enforcer, Ed Reese and his sidekick Fernando will knee cap anyone that violates our no pitching policy

Reserve your GetListed Local University 7-Pack today!

Note: GetListed University Spokane on February 25th, because it is an all day event, will cost $699 for the 7-Pack

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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8 thoughts on “GetListed Local University Portland”

    1. hi Chris

      We are willing to take GetListed Local U almost anyplace if…
      1)There is a strong on the ground firm willing to do the leg work and that has strong on the ground Chamber connections
      2)The venue costs are reasonable (ie NYC and SF are probably not feasible)

  1. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for the little rundown of what the focus is and is not on at the event. I will be there and this will be the first event I have ever attended. I am very excited and really looking forward to it. See ya there.

  2. @Mike

    Thank you Mike and I will be sure to do just that. I read your blog on almost a daily basis and it will be very nice to meet you face to face, shake your hand and personally thank you for all that you do for everyone involved with Local SEO.

  3. @Mike

    Also I believe the date of the event is Tuesday the 22nd.

    Anyone who is available and in the are should consider going it is very reasonably priced and there will be many great presenters.

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