Google Tool Sends Alert When Satellite Imagery Is Updated

Barry Schwartz highlighted this new tool this morning that automatically alerts a user via email when the satellite imagery for a given area has been updated. The tool is super simple to use and provides you with a dashboard to unsubscribe from previous requests.

It is also a super simple way to ascertain lat/log to 14 levels of accuracy. This is useful if you are creating a KML file or an hCard code for you website to signal to Google your businesses’ physical location. The tool can be found at Here is a screen shot of the tool:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Tool Sends Alert When Satellite Imagery Is Updated by

4 thoughts on “Google Tool Sends Alert When Satellite Imagery Is Updated”

  1. 14 levels of accuracy
    You do realise at that precision a change of one digit, is a change of about the 10,000th the width of a human hair? ;-p

    (even 6 decimal places is enough for about 15cm accuracy – across the whole of the United States)

  2. Had no idea what the level meant… but it seemed accurate 🙂 thanks for the update. The advantage of the tool from a Local Search pov though is the ease with which you can achieve precision and the confidence one can have in it.

  3. I went, I signed up… and then I wondered…
    Google likes to think of itself by what it does – engineering
    rather than what it is judged by where it makes profit – it’s an advertising company…
    so now I’ve told them where I live how much more am I worth to them?

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