New Google Places Review Bug- Will Google Ever Get Their Review Shit Together?

Google Places has experienced a number of annoying bugs and quirks in their review system over the past number of months from lost reviews, to 501 Errors and on to the inability of owners to respond to reviews. Well, now there is a new bug that started showing up in the past few days: registered Google Users without a public nickname are prevented from leaving reviews at all as the publish button stays grayed out and no opportunity is provided for them to add a public name.

Maybe, just maybe it is darkest before the dawn and this “bug” is really a fix in progress. I did notice that the links to anonymous “Google User” reviews has gone missing once again.

And although I have said this before, I will say it again: It is well on time for Google to get their proverbial “review shit” together. Google has played a critical role in making reviews a central part of the local ecosystem and yet for way too long they have put forth a buggy forward facing review product that leads to unpredictable outcomes and frustration for both the user and the businesses that receive them.

Google should be “doubling down” on their review commitment. It is a huge flash point for business owners and it seems hard to understand having such a buggy product in place just as the concept of business reviews is spreading broadly amongst every day users.

Here is a screenshot for a user with a public profile that is leaving a review for comparison:

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New Google Places Review Bug- Will Google Ever Get Their Review Shit Together? by

14 thoughts on “New Google Places Review Bug- Will Google Ever Get Their Review Shit Together?”

  1. It’s ridiculous to see things like this change so often. The process of writing a review should be easily accessible. I think if Google didn’t want anonymous users writing reviews, they should have stated and let that be right from the start. I think, however, it’s beneficial to link a profile with a review, just so we as consumers can verify that it’s a real person with a real review.

    But with the new Google Places app that’s just been introduced, I think getting reviews and making sure your business is on the map is more important than ever.

  2. Hi Jackson…

    Google has stated a desire for allow anonymous reviewers to leave reviews and a desire to see a list of the reviews that those reviewers have left… so I think their intentions are right they just seem to be having a terrible time executing and in doing so putting their worst foot forward.

  3. when user click on rating stars, hotpot profile option pop in. under the new system . user must have hotpot profile to leave reviews . this is ridiculous why the heck they are making it complicated .

  4. @Glocal
    Yes and last week, it took users over there but not it just hangs…

    It seemed that way when it was working but not that it isn’t it seems even stupider. 🙂

  5. I’m going to have to recommend people over to Yahoo Local and Yelp. Google was a really great company for quite a long stretch. But everything changes over time. I think we’re seeing Google’s decline down the backside of the graph. They are blowing it. This is just one example of many. The common folk who have just figured out how to give reviews….now they don’t know how anymore. It seems Google is increasingly “out of touch” with the people they serve. Really. I just said that.

  6. As commented above, chances of Google declining are very low. Only because it has a few bugs doesn’t hold a strong case for its decline. On the other hand, the extensive list of services it provides is impressive and will always be in its favor. Pointing out bugs is a good, but criticizing it without relevant supporting data would not be very wise. I apologize if I have been rude here. Thanks

  7. That’s absolute B.S.
    Google is a multi-billion dollar company that makes a lot of money off us.
    If any little web business issued products that didn’t get the fundamentals right, we’d scrap them and never visit them again saying they were ‘unprofessional’. Yet Google has this big business righteous attitude that they don’t care about the little people, as long as they make money. If they gave a damn, they would put live chat customer service calls all over their sites so we could talk to real people and report these bugs to get them fixed asap. But they don’t. They choose not to because they don’t give a damn. So enough people have to blog about it to get Google’s attention.

    And don’t talk about ‘supporting data’ that’s crap. You don’t need a gazillion people to tell you IT’S NOT WORKING. I just tried it, and I can’t write reviews either, with the same problem. The onus is not on customers to proove to google it’s a massive problem and document it for them with qualification. You’re being ridiculous, and frankly I wouldn’t be suprised if you’re getting paid off by Google to monitor social media for them, because that author of this blog is spot on.

  8. @Mike I just incredulously experienced this and found no help anywhere until I thought I’d check your blog and sure enough once again you have the answer. As a provider of Local SEO services it is extremely embarrassing to have to keep apologizing for Google’s horrible Google Places bugs and virtually zero customer support. I wholeheartedly agree that Google needs to figure out how important Local SEO and Google Places is, and put the resources into the product AND customer service. It is just crazy how poorly they are executing. When will someone over there “get it” and put the proper processes and human resources behind Google Places/Maps?

  9. Well, it appears that this bug has been fixed. I was able to post a review just now. During the past week I’ve been sending people to other sites to post reviews.

    Interestingly the place I reviewed – The St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, CO – showed 130 reviews at first in the SERPs but then when I clicked on their Places page it showed 649 reviews. While I looked for where to click to “review” the hotel all I found was a place to “Sign in to RATE”. Are we ‘reviewing’ or ‘rating’ or what? and how many reviews does the St. Julien have?

    Dear Google, come on. Please put some of your 2.5 Billion Net Profit towards Places.

  10. A few weeks ago, I could post. Since then, NOPE! I’m starting to get extremely annoyed!

    Before starting a new project(Google Offers), why not fix the problems you already have?

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