New Google Dashboard Analytics Gone Missing

Update : A spokesperson from Google just sent me the following;

Just saw your post from today and wanted to let you know that we do have some improvements to the Places dashboard coming, but they may not make it onto Santa’s sleigh for delivery by the holidays. 😉

Google recently pushed out an upgraded Places Dashboard analytics view that included significantly more detail, mobile information and viewing options. As of last night, the new analytics have disappeared in the US and the UK and reverted to the old style analytics. Whether we were seeing a test, a final product that was not yet finished or someone pulled the switch too early is unclear.

How soon or whether we will see the new view is not known.

Update 12/18: For reference and for use by Rasmus, I am uploading a complete screen shot of the “new but missing” analytics (click to view at full size):

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11 thoughts on “New Google Dashboard Analytics Gone Missing”

  1. Not only am I seeing the old dashboard, but one of those accts is still showing nice volume of actions w/ zero impressions.

    (must be getting info from Bizzarro Google World) 😀

  2. On 12-16-10 at 3:00 pm PST I was tickled half to death to be looking at the New Google Places Analytics and pondering the possibility of having analytics that might actually produce usable info.

    Went for a bike ride, checked again later that night, and… poof! — not there. A Google Places disappearing act or, as @earlpearl suggests, we have been sucked into the G – Bizarro World!

  3. Unfortunately it was too good to be true, at least for now. Perhaps they will deliver us a new year treat instead of Christmas gift. Only time will tell.

    Personally, the sooner I can review the GMM Only stats, the better.

  4. @Rasmus
    You are are welcome to use my American example. 🙂

    @Earl, Maui
    This one was still obviously buggy…. note the existence of mobile numbers in the new screen shot but no desktop numbers…. they were totally reversed…and were that way on all of them


    Interesting I was struck by the GA feel to it and that was my first thought.

    It would make sense to use the same data and create a more meaningful link between the two that could be further exploited going forward… (ie drill into analytics for additional details),

  5. I really liked the new Places data for as long as it lasted. What I would really like to see is an easy way to track traffic from the Places page in Google Analytics. I know that there is a method out there, but it seems a bit complicated for most people. Given that Google owns both Places and Analytics it doesn’t seem like it should be too hard for them to make the data available.

  6. @David Rubin,

    I agree that there should be an easy way to incorporate the traffic into GA. Just like as with adwords they could enable Auto-Tagging where a gclid is being added to the url transferring all information about keyword used, impression data, etc.

  7. @Martijn/David
    One interesting change in the reality of Places is that the URL from Places is the one used in the blended organo-local SERP. Thus tracking would mostly show the results of lesser used mediums not the main game.

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