Google Integrating Streetview into Map Search Results?

Yam Regev (PureSheer) sent along this new view visible in Google Maps that moves StreetView front and center in the Maps results. It is not clear if this is a test or not as I was able to see it at work but not at home :

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Google Integrating Streetview into Map Search Results? by

5 thoughts on “Google Integrating Streetview into Map Search Results?”

  1. Do those street view pics look like locksmith shops to anyone? And why aren’t street views of Dentists in Boston, or Carpet Cleaners or Chiropractors in Boston displayed on Gmaps? Aha! The Google Spam Patrol Team is taking a look at these addresses to see if the locksmiths are legit!

    No one is safe anymore.

  2. @ Jeffrey, good call. Street view coupled with a better community reporting/flagging could put an end to some of the location spam (e.g. Mike’s Illusory Laptop Repair).

  3. @ Jeffrey

    You got it right. Most of locksmith’s addresses are fake or USPS/ UPS ones. A while back, when Google called to verify listings, a big part of this verification call was walking ‘hand in hand’ with the rep around your listing’s street view location.
    This new layout, can make customers not to waste their time & go to look for the Locksmith’s shop (unless they see it in the Street View).

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