Google on Missing TripAdvisor Reviews: “Our team is working to resolve the matter”

On December 4th, TripAdvisor reviews disappeared from Google Places. They are still missing in action but a Google spokesperson has noted the following in relation to the lost reviews:

We’re aware of a technical issue in which TripAdvisor reviews are sometimes not appearing in results for Google Places, and our team is working to resolve the matter.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google on Missing TripAdvisor Reviews: "Our team is working to resolve the matter" by

14 thoughts on “Google on Missing TripAdvisor Reviews: “Our team is working to resolve the matter””

  1. Hey Mike,
    I don’t mean to hijack your thread but I just wanted to let you know I just got an email for Google Boost and we’re located in Fort Worth, Texas. Just wanted to let you know they’re rolling it out further. Thanks

  2. I’ve been looking at Google results again. For some properties the TripAdvisor ranking still appears in their details, and some but not all of their reviews. Here’s an example:

    Click on ‘More info’ and you’ll find that 3 of the 5 reviews come from TA. Still odd, though, as the place has 22 reviews on the TA site.

    Additionally, in the body of the listing it says:

    Standard?: TripAdvisor Travel Rating 4.5/5.0


  3. @Phil

    I wouldn’t read too much into the nuances of a spokesperson’s response. Google has said there is a “technical issue”… who knows what goes on inside the black box but at this point it is the best information that is available.

  4. As of this morning I’m not seeing City Search reviews on selected searches.

    And as for Boost, this week I noted on one account with a Tag being handled by the Google team:

    1. We are being billed
    2. The TAG is us
    3. We have no statistics on TAG actions for close to one month
    4. We have a promo message from Google urging us to install a TAG.

    At this point I’m very skeptical about Google delivering honest results, billing and information with Boost. Come on Google. You want our money. You don’t seem to be the slightest bit accountable back to us.

  5. @earlpearl Yep, we are missing our CitySearch review as well. Nice to hear it’s not just us. Makes me wonder what’s going on on the review end. And we’ve been actively avoiding tags for the same reasons you mentioned. Too buggy.

  6. @earl
    Yes, I am seeing some flakiness in one of the accounts I manage as well… at least there is an #800 ( (800) 881-0354 )


    Reviews have ALWAYS been flakey… I have “quirk” reports going back since the beginning of Google time… it demonstrates why a business should NEVER put all of their reviews in 1, 2 or even 3 baskets…. diversify, diversify, diversify…

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