Google Micro SERPS: Only 4 (Places) Results Showing

Rasmus Himmelstrup, of SeoAnalyst, and Sebastian Socha, of, are both reporting from Europe a new Places Search Everything result that is showing only four search results on a page. In Sebastian’s screenshot all four of those results were blended results while in Rasmus’s 3 of the 4 were blended results

I had to look at the screen shot twice before I realized that it was NOT a cropped image:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Micro SERPS: Only 4 (Places) Results Showing by

7 thoughts on “Google Micro SERPS: Only 4 (Places) Results Showing”

  1. Yeah me to here in LA. Plus I got a new suggestions in my Places act from Google. Should have done a screenshot before I *”accepted” the changes.

    The message I got was that unless I accepted the changes, other data may display instead of mine. Anyone else get one of these? If so, do a shot for Mike before you edit the listing.

  2. I am about to launch my own local service for sme type operations where I LIVE, BUT WITH THE FLUIDITY OF THE GUIDELINES, i have been having a bit of an identity crisis about whether to include (completely unspammily) my location keyword in the company’s registered name – after all there is a very local focus to my work. Some comment would be appreciated.
    Should I follow my gut feeling and name the company in the style location-local seo services?

  3. I’ve noticed this come up a few times. However it’s always disappeared after a few refreshes or a browser change.

    Could it be some sort of glitch?
    It seems very strange that google would change the amount of results displayed on the page.

  4. @Nick

    The fact that is being seen across the world on some searches implies (but does not prove) that it is a test rather than a bug… but who knows. Maybe it is just put there so that we have something to talk about 🙂

  5. Mike,
    I saw this last week while on the phone with a client. I stopped in mid-sentence – whoa, what is that? But, then, when I performed the search again a moment later, I got a full page of results. I concluded I had bumped into a test, and kind of a funny one, because it made the page look awfully ‘bald’ to me.
    Good to know others are seeing this!

  6. I think they will test to find that ‘sweet spot’ between 4 and 7 Local results; searching for where they can still make good money by monetizing the Local results while at the same time not providing ‘overwhelming’ Local SERPS.
    Andy 🙂

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