Google Places Search -Layout Experiments Continue

Whether Google is testing more on Thanksgiving or whether folks are searching more to avoid watching that football game with their relatives, I am not sure. But yesterday two readers of this blog sent me screenshots of different layouts involving Places search.

Dennis Brennan sent me these screen shots showing the related searches appearing where the ads normally appear and the ads appearing at the bottom…

Here is the bottom screen shot from the search showing the ads:

Plamen, a frequent commenter, sent along this screen shot showing several One Boxes appearing in the search results below a 3-Pack. This result is one that solves a common problem with the current One Box display when Google is not sure if the searcher is looking for a category or a business, often showing the business in a One Box. This display would resolve that ambiguity:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Places Search -Layout Experiments Continue by

3 thoughts on “Google Places Search -Layout Experiments Continue”

  1. Re the first layout change – is it limited to local search only? The “searches related to” box could really apply to many other one and two word queries besides those with local intent and has for a while already been an option to pick from in the “more search tools” drop down in the sidebar. It seems that Google might be trying to nudge users toward use of more specific queries.

  2. @Yaro

    It is likely that the experiment with “searches related to” is on both Places and non Places searches. I did find another poster mention the experiment but it is not clear what searches she was doing.

  3. Maybe Google is experimenting with the supermarket technique of moving products around.

    “I’m sure this is where the related links are! Oh, that advert looks interesting…”

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