Google Hotspot Influence Rolling Across All of Google Local

We continue to learn about changes across all of Google local products as Hotspot is further integrated into the rating and review process. Lat Long Blog points out that Places will now include a new section highlighting recommendations from friends:

I noted in Rating are the new Reviews that Google was now allowing rating in Places. Actually it is much more pervasive than that as they can now be made in all of the following Google products:

To rate a business on desktop, simply hover over rating stars anywhere you see them. Here are places you’ll see the rating stars, on your computer.

With your mobile device, you can rate places while on the go. You’ll see the rating stars several places on your phone.

  • Google Maps mobile app for Android
  • Places Android app
  • Android home screen rating widget
  • Mobile Place pages
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Google Hotspot Influence Rolling Across All of Google Local by

6 thoughts on “Google Hotspot Influence Rolling Across All of Google Local”

  1. So if they are showing up in the places pages, does that mean that the ranking within places is going to be affected by these “recommendations” or would that be confined to hotpot??

  2. @Nick

    A recommendation is a very personalized result and only shows to you and your group of friends. Within that limited context it would affect ranking.

    Ratings from all the above sources on the other hand, are showing up across the whole ecosystem and it is possible, although not yet proven that they will affect rank.

  3. I was thinking more along the line of if a business had 50 recommendations from different users, would that have the edge over another that had none.

    Just as another layer on top of reviews, citiations, etc.

  4. @Nick

    You mean 50 ratings? If so then probably, but not definitely, yes.

    A recommendation is a review or rating from a friend within your social circle.

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