Google Places Moving Help Closer to the Dashboard?

Google has been upgrading the verification process with both more strictness and more opportunities to communicate problems with Google. These communcation forms are somewhat buried in the Help Files and it is not clear that Google is handling requests with any dispatch but they are positive if weak signs of a movement towards more support in Places.

These screen shots were passed to me by Mary Bowling, a great local seo with SEO Overflow and seem to indicate that Google will further upgrade support. This option to allow the end user to communicate to Google about verification problems started showing up late June & early July in a few dashboards. They have not yet been seen widely in the wild but it appears to be an effort on the part of Google to push problem solving further out to the smb rather than forcing them to hunt it down. Hopefully we will see this option in every dashboard going forward not just a select few and there is a timely solution to legitimate problems after the submission.

It can’t come soon enough from my perspective.

Screen Shot 1:

Screen Shot 2:

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Google Places Moving Help Closer to the Dashboard? by

3 thoughts on “Google Places Moving Help Closer to the Dashboard?”

  1. One teensie step IMHO. Mike: I have an ongoing problem in one acct. Its been around for abt a month. I’ve made comments in the forum in an active thread. It hasn’t been resolved. I haven’t gotten direct feedback.

    Will it be resolved or not? At this point I don’t know. Is it a systemic problem or unique to my acct? I don’t know.

    The dashboard still doesn’t work. Its not the biggest or smallest problem. I personally don’t think the dashboard stats in their own right are great…but when you combine them with analytics, adwords insights on impressions, etc. it adds to understanding.

    I’d like a little feedback. They could contact me in the forums or by email or here. They could say: We’re working on it. They could tell the truth or bs about that. How would I know?

    If they responded, I might ask how long before the problem is resolved.

    That is a typical business type of interaction between customer and customer service responsiveness across all industries.

    Currently that type of responsiveness is nonexistent.

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