Who is Suing Whom Infographic Revisted – Isn’t Patent Law Wonderful?

Last week I published an info graphic detailing who was suing whom in the mobile world. According to TechDirt that chart was based on inaccurate data provided in a NY Times article from March. It is much worse than originally envisioned. Here is TechDirt’s remake of the graphic showing known higher profile lawsuits:

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Who is Suing Whom Infographic Revisted - Isn't Patent Law Wonderful? by

4 thoughts on “Who is Suing Whom Infographic Revisted – Isn’t Patent Law Wonderful?”

  1. This ‘map’ is slightly harder to follow because the companies and the direction they have sued are not colour coded like the previous infographic, which makes it look messy, however, you could say that is relevant because the situation is a mess.

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