Locksmith Mad as Hell -Sues AZ Attorney General to Enforce Law

The ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America, the locksmith trade group) has recently posted the legal filing from a lawsuit initiated by a locksmith in Arizona. The complaint for violations of Arizona’s laws preventing misrepresentation of “the geographical origins or location of the person’s business” attempts to

1)Get an injunction against the offending locksmtih (Atlas Locksmith Soltuons among others) and

2)Require the attorney general to “take over the crimianl and consumer fraud aspects of the case

It is interesting that a local locksmith, in his frustration, is “going after” the attorney general to do their job of enforcing laws on the books. It will be interesting to see if he manages any success in either convincing the AG or perhaps embarrassing him to take on the case.

At the bottom of the filing it notes: Charley requests donation to his legal fund because he feels the expertise of an attorney is now needed.

It seems a little late in the process to think about hiring a lawyer but heck, better late than never. Good luck Chuck! For more information about Chuck’s quest you can visit his website.

From the filing:


This action is a private action authorized by ARS section 44-1221(C) to enforce the provisions of 44-1221(A) in an effort to stop the “Invasion of the Locksmith Scammers (ILS)” within the state of Arizona generally and Maricopa county specifically. These criminals utilize a modus operandi that includes the procurement of hundreds to thousands of telephone numbers. Subsequent to the procurement of these numbers the scammers cause them to be associated with addresses that have no connection to them then they cause the telephone numbers and their associated phony addresses to be published extensively in printed directories and the internet directories and search engines and they thoroughly saturate same.

The TELCO DEFENDANTS involved are either (A) grossly negligent in insuring the accuracy of the listings that they populate into their directory databases which are ultimately used by all 411 information providers and publishers of print directories and internet information sources, or (B) are intentionally co-conspiring with the ILS scammers by accepting all the phony addresses from them to populate said phony addresses into the shared database. /// /// /// /// /// ///


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Since the telephone companies enjoy “PUBLIC UTILITY” status conferred upon them by the State of Arizona and “TRUSTED ENTITY” status by the directory publishing companies and internet information providers they have a fiduciary duty to the public to ensure that the information that they place into DIRECTORY DATABASES is in fact accurate and will not cause the public or other businesses to be harmed. Plaintiff attempted to gain the assistance of the ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL and despite the potential for over $3,000,000.00 (three million dollars) in fines against one company alone; Terry Goddard’s office has turned a deaf ear. A defrauded consumer Lisa Mendez informed plaintiff that she also made a complaint to the Attorney General that was apparently essentially ignored.

On one occasion Plaintiff personally met with Attorney General Terry Goddard at a public event and we spoke at length about the issues surrounding the locksmith scammers. At that time I handed him a 100 page document that contained documentation of the “REVIEWER SCAM” and Plaintiff volunteered to work in his office, perhaps as an investigator or paralegal. Mr. Goddard declined that offer.

Since that date plaintiff has heard nothing from Mr. Goddard or any of his staff with the exception of one e-mail from Ms. Ellis in his Tucson office who was simply forwarding me a copy of a default judgment against DEPENDABLE.


P1. Plaintiff Charles Eastwood is a resident of Phoenix Arizona. Plaintiff is a professional locksmith and has held an Arizona Privilege Tax License for the business “Locksmith Charley” since 8/14/2001. Plaintiff is a member in good standing of the Associated Locksmiths of America and after proficiency testing holds the title “Certified Registered Locksmith”.


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11 thoughts on “Locksmith Mad as Hell -Sues AZ Attorney General to Enforce Law”

  1. I will contact my associate in AZ and see if I can help him. I want to go after these SEO companies that are creating fake listings, claiming listings and blackmailing people.

  2. It isn’t just locksmiths, we see it all the time with moving companies creating fake addresses. One address is a parking garage, another is a street corner. We have reported it to Google several times over the past year and they continue to stay in the top 10 listings. This is illegal under public utility commission laws but no one does anything no matter how many times you report it.

  3. @Mike. And the way I see it, unless Places starts hiring more help and resolving these issues in a REASONABLE time period, they will also be named in these claims, hounded by AG’s, etc. It seems better to fix these problems, rather than their custodian of records dealing with subpoena requests and such.

  4. Interesting story. The NC Attorney General got very proactive about this problem last year. The sad thing was is the court found them not guilty. They got off on the account they were just “advertising” the locksmiths, and did not know if they were actually licensed or not.

  5. Same scams have been very active in WI. However WI AG, has gone after them, they are mostly out of the print yellow pages, but still all over the online directories. Locksmiths in our state pushed the issue up to the AG office. See my blog for a fwe posts on this subject.


  6. I saw just the headline in a Google search and said to self – they’re talking about me…..
    I’m Locksmith Charley in Arizona and its not much better. I seem to have run ATLAS out of town, but like whack-a-mole more keep popping up.

    We need to urge the congress-peeps that removed the CDA protections allowing the shutdown of backpage to also remove the CDA immunity for GOOGLE (aka The Borg) which would at least let Baldino’s class action anti-trust case to get in front of a jury instead of just being dismissed over and over.

    Granted we’re not talking about sex-trafficing here, just one of the largest consumer fraud schemes in America.

    The whole “domains by proxy” concept should be illegal for businesses doing business with the public or other businesses.

    Anyone wanting to talk to me about this is invited to call me at 602-717-5397.


    1. @charley

      I agree that the Communications Decency Act is at the core of Google’s (and Facebook’s) nonchalant attitude to business listings. They have essentially stopped spending any time on keeping certain industries clean.

      Good luck in the fight!

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