Google QR Codes Working Once Again

Last week, as a result of some upgrade to the Maps, things were pretty flakey. Most of the weirdness was fixed that day but QR codes remained non functional into the later part of this week. Apparently the Google url where the QR codes were being directed:… was not working properly and not being redirected.

Whatever the problem, it has now been repaired and QR Codes seem to once again be functioning.

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Google QR Codes Working Once Again by

3 thoughts on “Google QR Codes Working Once Again”

  1. Hey Mike,

    Do you have any figures of how and how many times these QR codes are being used the in US? What is the adoption level? I see them more and more in NL as well, on big posters, etc. But I am really unsure whether they are being used or not. I mean..whats in it for me ?

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