Google Maps Experiencing Difficulties – Do not change the channel, I repeat do not change the channel

Update 9:00 PM EST:Google has noted the following in the forums this evening:

We’re aware some of the business listings were not appearing on Google Maps earlier today. This was a technical issue that’s now been resolved.

Google Maps Experiencing Difficulties – Do not change the channel, I repeat do not change the channel and do not panic!

As SearchInfluence has pointed out Google Maps is having severe problems this afternoon with loosing listings. Here is a sampling of the most recent posts which obviously indicate that Google has misplaced more than one record and that Google staffers will (hopefully) be working overtime:

i notice that my google Place page disappeared. 1:35 PM


1 3:54 PM


Google Says “We currently do not support the location” Miramar, FL (33027) 1:29 PM


2 3:54 PM


Was on google map now I do not show up any more, any one have any suggestions 1:49 PM


1 3:53 PM


“Location currently not supported” 12:58 PM


4 3:52 PM


My business listing just disappeared from google maps. 8/21/10


2 3:51 PM


My listing does not appear 3:12 PM


1 3:49 PM


Verify listings when domain does not match 3:09 PM


3 3:46 PM


Did the 9/21 Google Places Update Wreak Havoc with any other Listings? 9/22/10

Catalyst eMarketing

21 3:44 PM


Rich Snippets for Places – having problems 3:44 PM


I have noticed whenever I click on my business on google, my competitor’s listing pops up. How can I fix this? 3:29 PM


I live in the uk & use Why do I have to type UK after my search phrase for my listing to appear? 3:05 PM


1 3:28 PM


After a few months of being displayed on Google Places it now tells me “We do not support that location” 3:24 PM

Color of Thought

suddenly, my business stopped appearing on google maps. It says “we do not currently support the location” when i click 9/15/10


55 3:19 PM


Google now showing that My listing has 0 impressions! but the number of actions is correct and not zero 2:24 PM


1 2:54 PM


Issue with Respond Publicly as the Owner 9/21/10


6 2:44 PM


Place listing point to wrong listing 9:33 AM


1 2:43 PM


Cannot remove incorrect picture from my business listing 1/30/10


31 2:43 PM


I updated my places profile 2 days ago and now my QR code does not work. I get a 404 error. How do I correct this? 9/22/10


1 2:24 PM


QR Code supplied to my company by Google Places doesn’t work now. In the last few days I get Not Found error 404 1:44 PM


2 2:22 PM


My business is not showing on Google Maps when browsing the region, all my neighbor businesses do. Why? 9/13/10


3 2:20 PM
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Google Maps Experiencing Difficulties - Do not change the channel, I repeat do not change the channel by

14 thoughts on “Google Maps Experiencing Difficulties – Do not change the channel, I repeat do not change the channel”

  1. I noticed the other day that G Places successfully relocated Sunrise, Florida a full 200 miles East after misplacing it on the Florida West Coast for a long time.

    Could it be that such a seismic change has disrupted the entire Google Maps continuum?

    Beam me up, Mike.

  2. I was under the impression that the flag of location not being supported was a secret warning of sorts that one was in violation of the still but less mysterious rules.

  3. The flag was either that the index had not updated yet and would OR it was on occasion a ban but today it was showing willy nilly for a number of listings. It has since been corrected

  4. @Earl

    Google doesn’t really need a reason to have the continuum disrupted. Our searching for one is more of a reflection of the human need to see patterns where there are none. 🙂

  5. Well I experienced it as early as today. But thanks for taking the time to decipher this issue. I was looking for blood pressure meds and Valium and could find neither.

  6. This problem occurred after the last Google update in the beginning of the week. I have some listings that are Active but I can’t see the statistics for them and they don’t appear on the map. I’ve tried to change that by removing details and keywords but nothing happened. Any suggestions? Do I have to submit them again or just wait for the next week?

  7. One of my records began experiencing these problems as of the afternoon of 9/20 east coast time. I had looked at the record in the morning and it was fine at the time.

    In this case, as with some others, the record seemingly has been split. There are 2 duplicate records, one is weaker than the other. On an obvious visable basis one shows less reviews. (though some of the same reviews as the stronger record.). the weaker record shows fewer citations.

    Others have reported an identical problem with duplicate records, one being weaker than the other.

    Yesterday, Google employee Cecelia reported a fix. As of very eary this morning East Coast time, I’m still seeing the problem.

    I’m going to wait it out and going to report on the problem in the forum.

  8. @Plamen

    Given the many weirdnesses of late, “do no harm” is the best strategy until whatever Google has been doing settles down.

    The behavior that Cecelia referenced as being fixed was the flakey this location not supported and listings not showing today…. I think that the split records is a different problem.

  9. @earl. Same problem. One Google created listing with fragmented, clustered data, that will not merge after months, and 2 split “owner verified listings”. (I only created one) Rankings got killed and one has 5 user reviews, the other, 13. No fix yet on my end.

  10. Another technical issue I have been experiencing is the yellow tag feature. The links have been changing without authorized dashboard modifications (ie, coupon to website) in addition to the tag feature disappearing altogether. There is no notification yet this a paid feature where the full amount is still being charged. Very disconcerting indeed.

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