Integrating Your Bike Into the Local Social World

I am an avid biker. A low tech, drive an old clunker, commute 9 miles on a back country road to work kind of biker. But a biker none the less. I really love my 33 minute commute along the Allegany River every day on my way to work.

Going home at the end of the day is another story. I would never (well mostly never) use something like the Copenhagen Wheel to power my way too work but I would definitely consider flicking that switch after a long day.

What is even more intrguing to me is their attempt to totally integrate the device with not just your bike but with your iPhone and your social network… I have trouble imagining myself ever checking in someplace but I can imagine my bike doing it on my behalf. The idea of switching the focus of the social activity from the person to the object with which they have an affinity is an interesting shift. It is a switch that many would find more comfortable than the idea of the self absorbed check in.

The types of data that would be accumulated to the network and the value of the interaction in the local environment would be immense. Ah the internet of things will be an interesting place indeed (assuming they work and are not just one more thing that in the end slows you down).

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Integrating Your Bike Into the Local Social World by

10 thoughts on “Integrating Your Bike Into the Local Social World”

  1. Interesting – you bike along the Allegany River on your way to work, and I bike along the Allegheny River. Coincidence?

    I like the game mechanics of it – incorporating the “green miles” earned. Seems like an interesting device.

  2. Well isn’t that very cool! I’m wondering what the data source is for traffic and weather? Is it’s applicability for specific/limited urban environments. Looks like it is for fixed gear flat land bikes – but perhaps not. I’d love to see you on this piece of technology!!!

  3. @Gerry

    Traffic source is probably Google Maps (they offer up the info via a programming interface)…once you know someone’s location (and the iPhone is very good at determining that)…almost any kind of local information can flow in and out of the App.

    Yes who knows how much it weighs and how flexible it is…hardly would be worth giving up a derailleur for …

    Before I plunk down $600 for an electric wheel…I will be in the market for a new bike… 🙂

  4. My 30 year old motorcycle, modified with racing carburetors and baffles stripped out of the exhaust for higher air flow (read, more power) is not the greenest of vehicles. But oh my f*@k is it fun 🙂 I often ride with a big fat grin, occasionally having to spit bugs from out from between my teeth 🙂

    I go for rides to get away from the internet and enjoy the scenery, the high speed turns, and bugs in my face. I don’t want to be “connected”.

  5. Cool stuff,I am also a bike rider,involved in local search,and searching for a niche to create my ‘dream blog. Mike,you occupy the sort of space I hope to reside in.
    Keep It Comin

  6. @Stever
    Whether a connected world of things will be distopic or not remains to be seen. Certainly from the point of view of commerce, it is ideal to have everyone connected all the time from everywhere. The potential for abuses will abound and it is incumbant on all of us not to forget to disconnect as needed.

    Probably not just shoes but Gucci Shoes 🙂

    You are welcome in my “space” any time. Good luck creating your own and I hope that you have as much fun as I do!

  7. Funny I should get knowledge about this from your blog. Though I am a frequent biker in Copenhagen, I still haven’t seen the Copenhagen Wheel in real life..

    Still integrating your phone with other items seems great too mee.

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