Additional Screen Shots of Integrated Results with Tags

I am still able to view some of the new result pages and now can see results for Florists + City, St. EarlPearl asked what the new local and organic integrated results would look like with Tags. His wish is my command (click to view larger):

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Additional Screen Shots of Integrated Results with Tags by

5 thoughts on “Additional Screen Shots of Integrated Results with Tags”

  1. I’m just wondering, if the version with the red PINs will roll out, or the other (more elegant) version without… The one with the red PINs seems to lay even more weight on the local results & place pages, than the one without. I can imagine, that it’ll depend on the financial performance of Google “Tags”, which version we’ll see soon…

  2. so my wish is your command. hmmm. gotta think about this. Makes me feel like the person that found the lamp w/ a genie and 3 wishes 😀

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