GetListed Local University – Twin Cities

Today, I am presenting at the second Local University in the Twin Cities. If you are coming PLEASE take a moment to introduce yourself as I would love to meet you.

For those of you that attended the presentation these links will provide background information and details for a pathway to dig deeper into the world of managing your listing on Google Maps

Slide 2 – March 2010 Search Engine Market Share
Slide 8/9 – The Importance of Page One Visibility
Slides 10/11 – How the Google Cluster Works
Slide 16- Choosing the Right Category – A Tool
Slide 16 – Writing a Great Business Description
Slide 17 – Creating a GeoSitemap – A tool
Slide 22- Local Search Ranking Factors – the many variables
Slide 22- A brief list of 10 Ranking Factors – somewhat old but still valid and a quick read
Slide 23- Thinking about your Business Name in the Internet Era
Slide 24 – Custom Maps – A Goldmine
Slide 24- The Importance of Citations
Slide 24 – 20 Citation Sources in the US
Slide 24 – User Generated Content – Geo Tagged Photos
Slide 24 – How To Gather Reviews
Slide 24- Where to Gather Reviews

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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5 thoughts on “GetListed Local University – Twin Cities”

  1. THANK YOU Mike! Looking forward to the afternoon session today!! These are great resources and the foresight to post more granular data that compliments the class is superb!

  2. Hello Mike, I’ll be attendance at the afternoon session, I’m looking forward to it.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to introduce myself, I’ve been a long-time reader and excited to hear you speak.

    Regards, Daniel

  3. I’ll be there in the afternoon… looks like we’re in store for some good info. I’m especially excited to hear your thoughts on custom maps and citations.

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